Sujis – Brunch and Sandwiches (Itaewon) ** / $$$

Always heard of Sujis but had never been before, until i realized it’s actually across the road from my friends house we stay at in Itaewon. So a Sunday before heading to church we decided to stop by, luckily it wasn’t to busy and we managed to get a seat by the window without having to wait. The smell and the decor of the place is nice, with all the fresh products on display, makes you wanna eat everything in the store at first glance.



So we ordered, one sandwich which i think isn’t on the menu anymore, was the pastrami and sautéed kimchi, and yeah the other one i can’t really remember hahaha wow i suck at this, sorry this is an old post since im back tracking to when i ate there, but Anyways what you need to know is that it was really good, tasty, ALOT of meat as you can see, the side of slaw was awesome too, i don’t really eat slaw but this one was pretty good, and enough fries to last throughout your whole sandwich.

So i’d def recommend this place if you want a sandwich of some sort, they also have brunch and some cream cheese available, get in there and check it out….

Here’s a link to their menu:

and a link on how to get there:


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