JR Southern style BBQ – (Itaewon) * / $$$


Decided to check out the Southern style bbq restaurant that I’ve seen a few times while going through Itaewon. The place is quite nice, modern new feel and enough seating for a lot of people. We sat down and had a look over the menu, alot of different choices from ribs, to wings, tenders, etc. I decided to go with the Brisket with a side of cornbread and mash potatoes.

Brisket with Mash and Cornbread
Brisket with Mash and Cornbread

When the meal arrived, to be honest it looked kinda sad, small slice of cornbread, a few spoons of mash and a pile of Brisket, maybe it’s just me but the Meat came out luke warm, not sure if that’s what slow cooked meant but yeah, eating close to cold cuts of meat weren’t exactly what I had in mind (and if that’s how it’s supposed to be then my badd). Other then that the cornbread wasn’t tasty at all, haven’t had it before but doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste good. Mash was mash, can’t really go wrong with mash, sad to say best part of the meal was the fries that i ordered as a side.

Maybe it was what i ordered that wasn’t good, maybe the other food is alot better, who knows, I’m just writing on what I ordered and what I ate. Anyways probably won’t be going back anytime soon at least.



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