Tartine – Brunch n Pies (Itaewon) * / $$

tumblr_mmq7aq688t1qkh8eyo7_500This place is full of pies, although they did have a cafe across form the small store that served Brunch. Also heard from another friend that there brunches were quite large and delicious too so thought why not try it out for myself. Went in with another friend around 11am wasn’t packed at all and was alot of options on where to sit.



this is what I ordered, it was awhile back so can’t really remember, it was one of the brunch options, with pancakes sausages etc, Anyways didn’t taste that good, was pretty dry, and was alot of food but not good tasting food the kind u remember lol. With what I ate i wouldn’t recommend eating her, it’s totally up to you. But definitely think you could get better brunch elsewhere

if your a dessert fan you might like to try the cakes and pies, but for that price you’d better hope they’re amazing lol for more info check their website http://www.tartine.co.kr/


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