Savoy Fish and Chips – (Seomyeon Busan) ** / $$

The view from the front
The view from the front

In Seomyeon there’s a fish and chip shop called Savoy, without too many options in Korea there’s two places I would eat fish and chips at, this happens to be one of them. So on my last trip down to Busan I definitely put coming here on the cards.

The Menu
The Menu

With a fairly basic menu I stuck to what i wanted, Fish and chips, and decided to try the animal fries, accompanied by a draft beer of course.

2014-03-15 19.33.36

2014-03-15 19.22.01

Because we went in early there weren’t too many people so our order came out pretty quick, the animal fries are just chips with some cheese onions and seasoning still really tasty tho. The fish and chips isn’t the biggest meal but it’s delicious, not too oily like other fish and chips i’ve had here, and enough to get full on if your eating it with fries. I’d definitely recommend this place to eat at on your next stop to Busan

For Directions: Seomyeon subway station exit 2, walk straight  until you reach Tom and Tom’s Coffee shop, turn left, when you are in from of Ella’s café take the left fork, the shop is on the right hand side about 20metres down this street. The red store front is obvious. The small, original location is just around the next right corner.



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