Petra – Middle Eastern cuisine (Itaewon) ** / $$$



Petras Middle Eastern cuisine, my first time visiting here after scowering food blogs to see what to eat for lunch in the Itaewon area, feeling a little like hummus and some kinda grilled meat we decided to eat here. We had always walked past the place and always smelt the aromas coming from the restaurant so we were excited to finally eat here instead of just walking by smelling all the goodness in the air lol. Walked up the staircase to the restaurant, Sunday afternoon so there wasn’t too many people, got seated and decided what to order. We went with the mixed kebab and the mixed dish of hummuses. It contained 3 dips Labanah, Ganoush, and hummus.



You had to order a side of pita to go with the dips they were about 1,000w per piece, and they came out hot and fresh ~ the dips were refreshing, one was kind of like a yoghurt dip with some olive oil and what not on it, another tasted like the traditional hummus you can get and the last i couldn’t put my finger on the taste but it tasted the earthiest out of the 3. The dips were tasty and the plate and servings were quite large, good enough for 2 people with 2 sides of pita bread.



The mixed kebab dish came out, looking delicious and smelling good, the only thing was the portions were quite small, for 24,000w I expected a bit more than a few pieces of chicken and lamb. A few more portions of each would have been perfect, but anyways the meats were delicious the spices were tasty and we ordered couscous as our side. Split between two people we got about 2 pieces of chicken, 2 pieces of lamb and maybe one extra piece of lamb cooked a different way. The flavors were good, I’m not sure if going with more people might have been better, ordering more would possibly mean more food but a larger bill too. I saw the falafels which looked pretty good on other peoples blogs so might pay to order some of those next time. All in all a good place to eat, portion sizes could have been better, just in comparison to the price, but the food was on point.

Directions: Line 6 Noksapeyong station (녹사평 역) exit 1 go straight and use the pedestrian overpass to cross the street. Turn right when the overpass ends and walk up the street and see Petra on your right or phone them on 02-790-4433


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