Vatos – Mexican (Sinsa) ** / $$$

ImageSo on the weekend after touch rugby, me and a few friends decided we wanted to eat Mexican food, luckily one of our friends recommended heading to the Vatos restaurant in Apgujeong which was closer to where we were at then Itaewon. Pretty easy to find we made our way over, luckily it wasn’t too busy when we arrived so we were seated right away. Before ordering we were presented with a few taco shells and some side sauces to start on…



One thing I’ve always heard good things about before eating at Vatos, was their Kimchi Fries, so definitely had to order one lot of those between me and my girlfriend, I went with the Kalbi short ribs burrito classico style and my girlfriend ordered classic Carne Asada Fajita style. There are 3 types of burrito style you can order, check them out here A friend of mine ordered the quesadilla and the others ordered tacos.




First up were the kimchi fries, needless to say they were as good as everyone has mentioned before, everything just mixed so well with the different taste, kimchi, french fries, sauces, onions vege and everything else mixed into this bundle of goodness. I’d definitely recommend ordering these to eat with your meal.



When the rest of the food came out we were ready to dig in. At first glance the servings look kinda small to be honest lol it kinda looked like someone cut it into threes and we were served with two out of the three pieces lol. Filling? i’d say content, so not too bad for what your paying for, luckily I wasn’t dying of starvation. Taste wise, yes it’s definitely got the right flavors and makes for a good tasty meal, definitely something to hit that spot if your craving some good ol Mexican food. The tacos my friend ordered looked hella small so I’d say don’t order those haha unless money isn’t an option for you then order whatever you want, it all taste pretty good anyways ! As for me I’m about the price and quantity of meal size, not being greedy but hey if i’m paying 15,000w – 20,0000w for a meal I wanna be full by the time i’m done! All in all this place was pretty good, service was awesome, food is tasty, portion sizes are “okay” at best lol but definitely hit the spot on taste, that’s fo sure!

For more info on there stores or whats on their menus check out their website:


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