The Sushi – (Busan) ** / $$

Was craving a bit of sushi, as one does when your in Busan, we happened to be in KSU at the time and a friend said they knew of a sushi place not too expensive and not to bad either. Can’t really go wrong with that I guess, so we went to a place called “The Sushi” the place was fairly chilled, a few neon lights out and alot of tables so seating wasn’t a problem.

The dishes were relatively priced, not too expensive, here’s a rundown of what we ordered.



The starters, these are super thin slices of some kinda fish, service lol It’s on the house so don’t really have to worry about it. Super thin, with some sauce on the top of it. Super simple and Easy.



20131004_201534  20131004_201907


These are the dishes we ordered, missed a pic of the udon soup with deep fried vegetables sorry, but the sushi platters came out, with a good amount of sushi on it, also because this is an older post i don’t have the exact prices, sorry lol still getting use to this blogging thing. The important thing is that the sushi was decent, some tasted better than others, can’t really go wrong with sushi in Busan, The chicken salad was for a friend who didn’t eat fish haha but that was just as good. The more people here the better, there was about 6 of us, so we got a few platters with enough food to feed us all.

A good spot if your looking for some reasonable priced sushi, Sushi was worth the price ~

For information on how to get here or to make a booking check out this website


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