Shy Bana – Soul food/American Diner (Sinsa) *** / $$$

So the usual Seoul trip came up on the weekend, I ventured up on Sunday to head to church and hang out with some friends, so we decided to check out a spot I had found on the internet called “Shy Bana”. Got directions and jumped on the bus from Express bus terminal to Sinsa, the place wasn’t too hard to find with the directions we found online, and my girlfriend on her gps app leading the way.


Shy Bana – American Soul food (Sinsa location)

So we found it without any trouble, the place was on a nice street filled with small cafes and other places to eat, it had a nice open atmosphere and had chairs to wait on outside, guess they get pretty busy. Luckily we got there and had a table upon arrival, four of us sat down and took a look at the menu. Man was there a lot to choose from. Here’s a quick run down of the menu of what you can see, the rest you can see through what we ordered.

20140330_120434 20140330_120457 20140330_120446


The reason i wanted to come here was for the soft shell crab! So that was def on my order list, me and my girlfriend wanted to try the sides set which came with a bit of everything from the side lists, and she ordered a PoBoy lol apparently a special sandwich in the south. I never heard of it but I am from New Zealand so yeah haha what do I know lol. My Other friend ordered meat ball mac n cheese and the Jambalaya. I’m off sodas and alcohol for awhile so that will be missing in my updates of places we eat at sorry lol gotta avoid temptation haha. But this place had a good range of drinks available with some beer options too, check it out when if you decide to head in.

The sides set ~ Buttermilk biscuit and Bun
The side set ~ Coleslaw and corn salad



The side set ~ Mac N Cheese

This was the side set that we ordered, the portions were a decent size, enough to try a bit of everything, the buscuit was yummy, good to end the meal on i reckon and the Mac n cheese was a good enough size if you wanted it as a side and not as a meal. The slaw and Corn salad was okay, nothing amazing, i’d probably just order the biscuit with butter and jam and avoid getting the set next time. Can just get a side of Mac n cheese alone for 8,000w

The Meatball Mac N Cheese

The Meat ball mac n cheese was pretty hearty, the meatballs were decent sized and there was enough to fill the plate up which def meant enough for one person to get full on. They were meaty with a bit of spice and enough tomato paste/sauce to not over power the meatballs, and mixed with the cheesiness of the mac n cheese it actually went together really well.

Po Boy Beef Sandwich

Sadly, the best thing about the Po Boy was the chips (fries) it came with, nothing special about the sandwich itself, didn’t have a unique taste or anything to take note of, maybe not a true homage to the REAL PO BOY but i guess an attempt. But hey at least the chips were good right lol.

Soft Shell Crab Salad

The soft shell crab salad ~ Was good, had a good portion of soft shell crab, the salad worked well with the crab, accompanied by a balsalmic kinda sauce and some cashews to boot. Vegetables were plentiful and i was left pretty full after eating most of my dish. The Soft shell crab could have done with maybe a bit more seasoning and maybe if it came out a bit hotter? but overall was a good dish and well worth the money for the portion size and the taste, would definitely order it again.

The Jambalaya

Unfortunately I was a bit slow and didn’t get to try this before my friend finished it hahahah i guess i was too busy enjoying my food aswell to look over and grab a quick spoonful, but he said it was pretty good he cleaned the plate up well! hahahah so yeah i’ll take that as a sign for it was delicious.

Overall our meal at Shybana was SOLID! the food portions were AWESOME haha always an important thing with me and my friends, on top of that the food was tasty and blew away our expectation, the pictures def do it justice, with us wanting to order everything on the menu. The prices range from about 10,000w up to maybe about 18,000w but def worth the food your getting and the portions.

Would def recommend trying this place out with some friends and going crazy on the menu to get a bit of everything.

Directions:UPDATE! it’s not too far off the main road should take 5-10min to walk
Address to Garosu-gil Branch: 525-23 Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-Dong, Seoul

서울시 강남구 신사동 525-23

Phone Number: 02-545-4281,525-23+Sinsa-dong,+Gangnam-gu,+Seoul&gl=kr&ei=ykQ6U4vzLIeViQfS1IC4Cg&ved=0CKUBELYDMA0


2 thoughts on “Shy Bana – Soul food/American Diner (Sinsa) *** / $$$

  1. Hey! Looks good! I’m always interested to see how a Korean restaurant can pull off soul food. I’ll have to check it out. With directions, you should try to put the Google map location at the end of your post. I find this helps. Keep them coming with reviews!

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