Patbingsu (옥루몽) – (Sinsa) *** / $$


After our big lunch at Shy’Bana we decided on dessert, but something not too heavy, after going through our phones and finding what was around us, my friend recommended this Patbingsu place which happened to be right next door to ShyBana AWESOME! The place was really nice, it had 3 areas to sit, outside there were a few tables to enjoy the sun in, one room just beyond that which was an open space kinda between the outside and the inside, and then right inside where the front was to take orders


We sat down and took a look at the menu, there were 4 of us there so we decided to get 2 just in case one isn’t enough! haha don’t wanna be short on patbingsu now….hahaha anyways yeah we ordered the original and the green tea patbingsu. It didn’t take long for them to come out, we waited about 5-10mins, there wasn’t to many people so we didn’t wait long at all.


The Green Patbingsu came out, and maaaaaaan was it light and fluffy, the ice was almost like candy floss (cotton candy) or like powder flavored green tea, and the taste was amazing, melted on your mouth and didn’t have clumps of ice in it, the ice was grinded down almost powder like, the red bean was nice and sweet and had more at the center just in case the red bean on top wasn’t enough. It came with two rice cakes on top, that were nice and plump, not to chewy but nice enough to go down with the rest of the ingredients



The plain patbinsu was just as good ~ fluffy white vanilla milk tasting ice ground down and mixed with sweet red bean and some rice cake on top. Everyone agreed that this place was pretty good and definitely worth the money ~ Man we cleaned this up in no time lol

It’s getting to Spring soon to be summer and it’s perfect weather for Patbingsu! cant wait to try some more and see if i can taste and find some of Koreas best Patbingsu! Keep an eye out for further posts on this delicious treat in the heat


Address to Garosu-gil Branch: 525-23 Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-Dong, Seoul

서울시 강남구 신사동 525-23

It’s right next to Shy Bana 🙂 Other locations include Gangnam and Hongdae



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