Amazing Thai – Thai Cuisine (Itaewon) *** / $$



So on Sunday after church me and a group of others decided to grab dinner around the WON, a friend recommended a Thai places that he frequented so we made our way there on the bus from Church. Located just outside the main strip of Itaewon it def wasn’t to hard to get to and was easy to find once in the area.

Because there was a lot of people and me and my girlfriend weren’t to hungry we decided to just get something small, so she ordered the Papaya Salad and i got the steak skewers with peanut sauce.



They definitely know how to keep a group of peeps satisfied and not thinking about how long the foods gonna take lol they bought out some spring rolls “service” a good amount, one plate per kinda group of people, so we hardly noticed the wait, there was about 20 people so it was expected but also nice of them to do so.

Since we ordered entrees ours came out first ~ Woohoo lol heres the pics ~

20140330_180828_Richtone(HDR) 20140330_180657

The Papaya salad tasted just like the one I had in Thailand, although it was REALLY SPICY lol my spice tolerance is okay at best and i couldn’t really dig away at it, my girlfriends on the other hand is alot better and she managed to get through it to the end! Good on her, so it’s definitely for the fire breathers who like their food spicy! The steak skewers were tender and tore easily off the stick when I bit into it, the sauces worked well, can’t really do steak skewers wrong, but needless to say we were happy with out food ~

Our friends ordered the Pad Thai and Green Curry ~

20140330_183756 20140330_181729_Richtone(HDR)

Unfortunately I missed out on trying their food ~ I had just met them that day so wasn’t ready to dig into their food just yet lol by the time we were done, and I looked over both had finished their plates which is an indication the food was good, unless they were just hungry haha but no complaints all round, will update it once I ask them their thoughts on their meals 🙂



Like any good restaurant IMO lol they ended the meal with a free dessert, something small but tasted good, coconut milk some tapioca and some kinda sweet fruit, it went down well after the spiciness of the meals.

Prices ranged from about 10-16,000w portion sizes were reasonable but taste was solid. All in all the service was really good, food came out in good manner, no one waiting too long for their food, they provided service with spring rolls and the light dessert when we were done, and had the bill ready to be dissected into 20 parts or so lololol So yeah check this place out if your feeling like some Thai food in the Itaewon area

Directions: Out Itaewon Station exit #3, walk straight about five minutes towards Hangang-jin Station. From Hangang-jin Station, take exit #3 and walk towards Itaewon station.


Address: 683-134 Hannam-dong, Seoul

Phone number: 02-796-7377


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