Kervan Turkish Restaurant – (Itaewon) * / $$$

2014-04-05 17.56.44


Saturday afternoon we woke up late and decided to walk through Itaewon and see what would catch our eye, we walked through the back streets and ended up back on the other side and across the road saw this restaurant and another, decided why not let’s try some Turkish food lol. After scanning through the menu, we decided to order the Pilaf doner kebab (lamb) for 15,500w and also the Kusabi pide 21,000w their was alot to choose from but we decided with these two since our experience with shish kebabs have been delicious but really not worth the portion size.

2014-04-05 17.30.12


2014-04-05 17.30.44


They had a lot of different kind of pides but we choose the one with lamb cubes, since a bit of meat was always nice. The orders came our fairly quick and smelt amazing, here’s some photos of what we ordered

2014-04-05 17.13.39


The Kusabi pide came out first, fresh from the oven the bread was still hot and the smell of the lamb hit our noses soon as it was placed on our table, the dish was fairly big in size and portion wise was decent for 2 people, me and my girlfriend ate half half, the pide was covered in lamb and vegetables, although the lamb were more like shredded lamb and not cubes lol it was still a good buy we both enjoyed the pide, maybe next time would try for the cheese pide.

2014-04-05 17.12.27


Next up was the Pilaf Lamb doner kebab, thin strips of lamb, over rice covered in some kind of tamoto sauce, i would have preferred a yogurt sauce maybe or some sort of white sauce, rather than the tomato, portion wise their was a substantial amount of meat to go with the rice and the side salad, which was a bit dry needed some dressing. Any kind of dressing would of been nice ~

Overall the meal was good, the Pide was tasty, and filling, the Pilaf doner kebab filled us right up with enough rice and meat to make two people happy. Next time would maybe try another Pide, and maybe ask if there is another sauce available for the doner kebab, we saw alot of people ordering the side of bread which was huge, so maybe starting off with that and some appetizers would fill you right up next time, would go back here and try some of the other dishes, decent size for a decent price.

How to get there: Take the train to Itaewon station line 6 and go out exit 3. Walk straight for about 100 meters and its on your right on the second floor, look up and you should see the sign.

For more info check out their website:



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