Sungs Buffet – Cheongju *** / $$$

A new update on an old place in my old hometown, So there is a huge buffet restaurant in the dream plus centre right next to the Express bus terminal in Cheongju. The place is quite large inside and is pretty fancy, sometimes you need to make a booking, during the busier periods, during the week should be fine, during the weekends might pay to make a booking.

The food is great, the range of food is amazing, a wide range of seafood, cooked and raw, they have a chef on the grill cooking up some steak, pastas, pizzas, desserts, cakes, fondue fountains, even has it’s own little coffee shop inside where you line up and order what you want, anyways i’ll let the pictures speak for itself

Duck, Raw salmon, Cooked salmon, steak, Gampungi chicken, wedges, mini tacos
Variations of Sushi, Smoked chicken
Baked potato, Mangosteen, Stingray, more salmon lol
Lychee, Mangosteen, Jelly, Rambutan and bottomless house wine
Fondue: Marsh mellow, chocolate ice-cream, fruits

Something to note: When the guy walks around with the bell, it means the King crabs coming out that’s why everyone gets up and runs over haha. Drinks, soda is on tap for free also, they have beer and wine unlimited refills, coffee on request and tea. The cost is a little high but not much more compared to other family restaurants vips etc, think it’s around 35,000w ish for dinner maybe a little more, but definitely worth the amount of food, and whats on offer. Go on an empty stomach that’s all I recommend.



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