Berlin Restaurant & Lounge – Burgers (Itaewon) *** / $$$

2014-04-13 12.45.26

Sunday afternoon woke up and decided we wanted to eat somewhere close to Itaewon, by the McDonalds area, lol so thought why not try the place under buddahs belly, since we always walk past it and the burgers on the menu look pretty good. So after slowly getting up and getting ready we walked over, down the set of stairs and into the restaurant, it wasn’t too busy, but most of the window tables were gone, but we manage to get a table right next to em so we could still see the view of the street, and feel the warm summer air and breeze. The waiter brought out the menus and we scanned it until we were ready to order

2014-04-13 12.53.24

They had a good range of burgers, so it was a difficult choice, deciding which one to try, kinda got sucked in by the malibu glazed pineapple, so I went with the Black Pearl Burger and my girlfriend ordered the onion ring burger, the Mad Bull. We also ordered a side order of special fries, with some coconut milk batter, and thai curry ish spices. Anyways we ordered and awaited our meal, man were we hungry ~

2014-04-13 13.18.17

The Mad Bull burger ~ as per usual me and my girlfriend split our burgers in half, so i decided to start on hers first. The onion rings were nice and crispy and golden and smelt amazing, the Meat patty was really tasty and still juicy when i cut through it, the spiciness and cheese worked well together, and it made for a really good burger. One of the better one’s i’ve had in Korea, everything in this burger just worked, the onion rings definitely topped it off and made it that much better ~ Would recommend this burger for reals, portion size it was decent sized, filling but most of all the taste made this burger delicious!!!

2014-04-13 13.17.37


Moving onto my burger, the black pearl, not in the description but it says squid in the korean explanation and i think it’s because of the black bun. Anyways i’m no food expert haha just saying how it is, but yeah the pineapple were super sweet, def glazed with malibu just made it even sweeter, the bun was also smeared with some kinda garlic sauce which worked well with the meat paddy, I’d say this burger is more for those people who like sweet kinda fillings in their burger, was okay for me i didn’t mind it but my girlfriend said it was too sweet for her, which is fair enough. I can understand why, but overall this burger was good, tasty and the flavors worked well, if u dig a sweet kinda burger then this would be the one for you without a doubt ~

2014-04-13 13.24.34

Honorable mention: The sauces ~ The middle one was a wasabi mayonnaise kinda sauce which was so good with the fries and with my burger, i pretty much murdered the little jar hahahah so had to ask for another refill lol, the one to the right was a type or mustard, which was also good, and the left was a ketchup and pepper kinda mix, but nah that mayo wasabi one in the middle was a WINNER, i would of packed it up and taken it home with me if i could hahaha

Anyways overall, this was one of my fav burger places to date, that onion burger was just super tasty and everything kinda worked well, the burger came with some side salad and pickles, which you could eat with your burger if you wanted, the price was a little on the high side, but for good taste i would pay that little bit more, portion size was just right ~ not too much and not too little, so yea i’d recommend trying this place out, would like to try other things on the menu next time  ~

Directions: Come out of Noksapyeong Station Exit 3. Walk across the street to the left side of Itaewon-ro. Walk a little while until you see a street going up the hill on your left hand side. Walk up the street and keep left. Berlin will be on your left hand side under buddahs belly. 



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