KKANBU Fried Chicken – Sinsa * / $$

2014-04-12 17.55.18

Was in Sinsa over the weekend for our usual touch rugby tournament close to the river, at the end of the tourney I was so hungry lol so me and my girlfriend decided to try somewhere around here, something small not too expensive and something easy. For some reason we both kinda felt like fried chicken and came across this place, wasn’t too crowded and prices seemed reasonable. Plus Korean fried chicken is just that good so it doesn’t really take any second thought to convince anyone to eat it lol. Walked in and was seated right away, a few people around, seemed like a nice lil spot for some lunch during the afternoon, had some outdoor tables too which would have been nice if it was a sunny day, unfortunately wasn’t lol Anyways the menu…

2014-04-12 17.34.47

Got the usual table snacks, raddish, some water, and some sauces for the chicken, we ordered the boneless crispy chicken, as the lady who served us was telling us that’s what most people order, so thought why not, might as well order the “recommended” chicken lol although like i said before can’t really go wrong with chicken lol or so they say…..hahahaha

2014-04-12 17.41.39

The chicken came out on a bed of fries, kinda cut like wedges, and with some Sweet Chill sauce, and some white sauce which kinda tasted like tartar sauce which i’ve never had with chicken before but ohwell first time for everything right lol. Anyways the chicken was hot and juicy, and boneless which is always a plus, portion size, it was okay, wish their was more chicken that chips though, since the bed of chips took up a good part of the plate. The chicken was moist and tender, but lacking a bit of taste, the green herbs on the chicken didn’t do much for taste, and it ended up tasting like a fancy version of burger king chicken tenders or something along those lines. Was lacking, so yeah this place was average at best, taste was okay, portion size was lacking IMO and the sauces given with the chicken were pretty Zzzzz lack luster lol. not bad not good, but just if your feeling like chicken and beer, take good company because the chicken is average ~~~

This place is a chain store in what seems a lot of locations ~

for more info on this restaurant checkout their website and list of store locations: http://www.kkanbu.co.kr/eng/main/main.asp



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