Tequilas Mexican Restaurant – (Gwangju) ** / $$$

2014-04-18 22.42.01


Weekend Travels ~ took me down to the Jeolla province, Friday night spent in Gwangju with some friends. The bus ride from Icheon was about 4 hours so took a while to get there, checked in to our “love motel” lol and then listened to our hungry stomachs so decided to go get something to eat. My friend took us to a place called tequilas, which was open pretty late considering we got in at around 10pm it was a bar/restaurant so luckily the kitchen was still open.

The waiter brought out the menu and scanned it looking for something that would curb our hunger ~

2014-04-18 22.43.292014-04-18 22.43.15 2014-04-18 22.43.072014-04-18 22.42.452014-04-18 22.42.312014-04-18 22.42.36

Alot of options on the menu, but decided to ask the chef what would fill 2 hungry people lol he said to order the ultimate Fahita, which had a good mix of everything so thought yeah why not  ~ ordered that with a side of Guacamole!!! have to get that extra guac! just HAVE TO lol !

2014-04-18 23.08.34 2014-04-18 23.07.28 2014-04-18 23.08.46


the ultimate fahita came with beans, rice,side of salads and assorted veges and sauces, tortillas to wrap, cooked steak. grilled chicken and prawns, all on a sizzling pan filled with mushrooms, capsicums, onions and mushrooms. Man the smell when it came out was amazing ~ started on the chicken, grilled and seasoned, and really tasty, wasn’t dry at all and had enough spices on it to make it very delicious. The steak was juicy and tender and the prawns were well seasoned. The food was really good and enough to fill 2 people, not TOO full but just right ~ We enjoyed the meal and would definitely recommend this to anyone craving some mexican food. Service was great and pretty quick and the atmosphere was enjoyable ~

for information or directions on how to find Tequilas check out their website for more details: https://www.facebook.com/TequilazR


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