The first alleyway – Gwangju * / $$

2014-04-19 13.14.37Woke up Saturday morning ish and decided to hit this place, friend of mine thought they had brunch here so we went along to check it out. They opened at noon so we made it just in time for the opening without being too early. A few people arrived around the same time as we did so must be something good here right, walked in and got seated, alot of space here as well as some games, pool tables, and also a lot of board games. Anyways came to eat so we sat and had a look over the menu trying to figure out what we wanted to order.

2014-04-19 12.26.12 2014-04-19 12.26.012014-04-19 12.25.27 2014-04-19 12.23.46 2014-04-19 12.23.33

Looking over ~ i really felt like fish and chips but decided to go for the fish sandwich instead of just the meal, the sandwich description had bacon and coriander which was definitely different but thought why not try it. My girlfriend ordered the pulled pork sandwich. My other two friends ordered the Fish and chips meal and the Falafel burger. Prices were pretty reasonable and came with some side sauces to accompany the meals ~

2014-04-19 12.35.45

So lets start on my fish sandwich, it looked good when it came out but sadly the rest of the sandwich didn’t follow suit. First of all it didn’t have any lettuce which made the sandwich somewhat just fish and bacon with bread. Didn’t taste any corriander or sauces to go with the fish, i added mayonnaise to make it a bit tastier, and manage to dip alot of sauces to go with the fish. The fish wasn’t too badd but found the bacon a bit odd in a sandwich together with deep fried fish. Was a bit dry overall and lacked any kind of veges i was expecting to go with the fish and bacon, overall not a bad sandwich may have been better with some greens to go with it. The best part of the meal was probably the onion rings, which is kinda sad coz it was the side order that came with the sandwich.

2014-04-19 12.35.06


The pulled pork sandwich, mmmm gonna start with the meat the most important part, so the pork was really kinda soggy, wasn’t like the moist pulled pork oozing with a delicious smell and favor, it made the bun really wet which i hate, and didn’t taste that great at all. The pulled pork was a let down IMO and wasn’t enjoyable at all, overall a so-so sandwich with the main component being a let down so not gonna say much about the rest of it. The chips weren’t crunchy at all and tasted somewhat soggy also, not my preference when it comes to chips. I like mine Golden and Crunchy that’s for sure ~ Overall i wouldn’t recommend this sandwich either  ~

2014-04-19 12.34.29

Fish and Chips ~ the meal! ONE WORD AWFUL! the batter was extremely doughy, it was almost like a bread roll covered in an awful tasting fish, not sure what fish they used for their fish and chips but it really was bad, I couldn’t even keep it down I had to discard it from my mouth and into a tissue ~ that’s how bad it was! One of the worst fish and chips i’ve had in South Korea, coming from New Zealand i know what good fish and chips taste like and this wasn’t definitely not it! I recommend you stay away from the Fish and chips altogether, otherwise I hope it was a one off experience for my meal and not something on the regular.

2014-04-19 12.36.07

Luckily my vegetarian friend was pretty satisfied with his burger, glad at least one of us had a good meal ~ didn’t get to try it cause he finished it too quick hahaha so i would say this is probably your safest option of the 4 we ordered!

Overall the food was terrible IMO at least from what we ordered and what I was able to try, definitely WOULD NOT recommend ordering these dishes, try something else, or if anything try find these kinda meals elsewhere ~ Good Luck!



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