Vietnamese Cuisine ~ (Mokpo) ** / $

Sunday afternoon before heading back from Mokpo my friend said he knew a good Vietnamese spot next to his school that he frequents during the week. So thought why not, my girlfriend is part Vietnamese and loves Vietnamese food, I’ve definitely jumped on that bandwagon too lol. Caught the bus from the Mokpo bus terminal, took about 15-20mins to get there, located next to the Mokpo English Village. Upon arrival the place looked vintage Vietnamese lol had all the products they used for sale on shelves right next to the dining area and the place smelled like Fish sauce which is always a good sign apparently? haha Anyways they had ALOT on the menu, alot more than I’ve seen in other Vietnamese restaurants.

2014-04-20 12.15.11 2014-04-20 12.15.19 2014-04-20 12.15.23 2014-04-20 12.15.29 2014-04-20 12.15.33 2014-04-20 12.16.33 2014-04-20 12.16.38

With so many options I had no idea where to begin, my knowledge of Vietnamese food goes as far as Pho and Banhmi as well as a few summer rolls etc haha so I told my girlfriend to take over and order for us, she knows how to speak Vietnamese so she took charge and filled me in with what was good. We ordered the Bun Rieu Cua (Rice Noodles with Sour Crab soup) Cha Gio Chien (Fried Meat Roll) and Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake).2014-04-20 12.19.53 First out was the Vietnamese Pancake, filled with shrimp and pork bits with some vegetables. The crepe was nice and moist soft but not too doughy. The filling was cooked nicely and went down really well. I think I ate this one bymyself lol (sorry bebe) lol but yeah I really liked this dish, simple and easy with some good flavors. I’m a fan of the savory crepe also so this one was a winner2014-04-20 12.20.04Next up the Cha Gio Chien or Fried meat rolls, im a sucker for these kinda things, they were so crispy, still flaky and fluffy and the filling inside had a nice aroma to it. The stuffing was cooked well and dipping sauce topped it off. I might be bias to crispy spring roll ish things but these were too good to not like! 2014-04-20 12.23.47The Rice noodles with sour crab soup ( Bun Rieu Cua) was okay, not really my kinda taste in soups. Reminded me of a Tom Yon Goon soup but with a deeper crab taste. My girlfriend said it was Okay, not badd just not to her liking, she also said people make it different so that could have been why. Either way I wasn’t a big fan of it, the crab taste was over powering, she said it was okay though so nothing wrong with it just different tastes.

Overall the food we ordered was delicious, I would definitely go back there if only it was closer, this place had the widest range of Vietnamese food I’ve seen on a menu, indeed because the owners were Vietnamese and it wasn’t a chain so it’s definitely an upside to going to a Vietnamese restaurant run by Vietnamese people.

Directions: Not to great on directions but if you find the location of MPEV Mokpo English Village it’s right next to the entrance, you can’t miss it !!! lol sorry again, drop a message in the comments if your on your way to find it and need some directions ~



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