Paco Loco (Mexican) – Kyungridang ** / $$

2014-05-10 15.58.00Usually when I head to my friends place I sometimes take the small bridge from Kyungridang through to HBC and have seen this little mexican spot a few times on my way through. So when looking for somewhere to eat over the weekend, i figured why not try this place out and see how it is ~

2014-05-10 15.28.03 2014-05-10 15.27.57 2014-05-10 15.27.47                            They had the regular mexican food items on the menu and a few i hadn’t head of before, although there were descriptions of each under each item. I decided to try out the Chilaquiles (steak) and my friend ordered the steak burrito. I asked for some avacado on the side since it didn’t come with my meal although it was in the picture lol had a lil laugh with the girl saying the picture was misleading hahaha but yeah no worries.

2014-05-10 15.39.27                               My Chilaquiles came out not too long after we ordered, the portion size looked reasonable with everything it came with, some beans it seemed, rice, some nachos that were kinda cooked with some sauces, and an extra dollop of avo’s I ordered since it didn’t come with it lol. The food was okay, nothing amazing, no flavors really stood out to me, something just average, at least it wasn’t bad right? Not badd for the price and okay but not too filling, so if your super hungry you might have to order something else.

2014-05-10 15.41.35                                My friend ordered the Steak Burrito, said it was kinda rice heavy, so a bit more rice than anything else, although he said it was okay in taste, again nothing amazing, pretty standard burrito ~ My opinion of the food overall was that of just satisfactory ~ nothing too great to go out of my way to eat here again, something small on the way home if your hungry this place would be suitable. Nice little spot out of the foot traffic though ~ Overall not badd at all ~ just not AMAZING yeah ~

For more info on Paco Laco check out their fb page:


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