Autumn in New York – Brunch (Itaewon) * / $$$

2014-05-11 10.53.13One of the brunch spots that had been on my list for awhile, had the chance to check it out over the weekend. Went along around 11am and managed to walk in without having to wait to be seated, shortly after a small line had grown outside, Anyways got seated and looked over the menu trying to decide what to get ~

2014-05-11 10.52.33 2014-05-11 10.52.26 2014-05-11 10.52.55 2014-05-11 10.53.00After looking over the menu i decided to go with the American classic skillet, was feeling like pancakes and french toast luckily they had it together as one of the offered dishes. My girlfriend opted for the American Beef skillet. My friend who was visiting from Canada was also present and she ordered the American Classic Skillet aswell as some chilli cheese fries ~

2014-05-11 10.58.06The chilli cheese fries came out first, was more like wedges ish, and the cheese was like that nacho cheese you get from the supermarkets to put on your cheap home made nachos lol ~ The chilli was really sauces and not to thick with beans meat or flavor, The wedges were quite thick so it was like eating huge potatoes with cheap cheese haha pass on these ~ TRUST me LOL

2014-05-11 11.02.08My skillet came out and was reasonable in size, the portions were large. It came with mash potatoes too which was a bit of a surprise and some gravy on it too. Also on the skiller was some bacon, ham and a sausage, with the pancake and french toast. The best part of the skillet was the french toast, nice and thick and sweet in the right places, with a drizzle of maple syrup^^ yep yep, the mash was soso and the bacon was the next best thing, crispy and thick, everything else on the plate was average, especially the pancake, was really dry and doughy and kinda just dull! haha Overall the skiller was just okay ~ nothing particularly special about it ~ i feel kinda bad because with my last reviews they haven’t really been like oh it’s amazing! hahaha anyways just telling the truth for the consumers !

2014-05-11 11.11.40Last was the American Beef Skillet ~ which came with Mac n Cheese which actually looks like just pasta with no cheese at all, some rolled up ham, two Ciabatta bread rolls ish and the beef. The beef was tasty had been seasoned well and cooked with some vegetables that went down with the beef quite well. Everything else on the skillet though was pretty much like mine AVERAGE! lol seems to be my new word !~ but hey gotta be honest !

Overall i wouldn’t line up for this place or go out of my way to recommend it ~ i’m sure there are much better places around for brunch!!! So maybe check those out, if your interested go behind the hamilton hotel and look for tomatillos, its not to far from there. Enjoy if you do go there!




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