Pho is (Vietnamese) – Gangnam * / $$

2014-05-11 18.50.40Was on the way home from Seoul and was stuck in the Sinsegae mall in the express bus terminal ~ trying to find somewhere to eat, at this point we had walked through the market area but just too much people so we went around where the book store is and saw a sign for pho ~ so we decided why not always down for Vietnamese food! Knowing this place was probably like pho-mein or whatever it was too late we were already heading in haha so we went in and hoped for the best ~ here’s what we ordered and the menu ~

2014-05-11 18.52.02 2014-05-11 18.51.37 2014-05-11 18.51.29


We decided to order set 1 which wasn’t too bad for its price, it came with a spring roll set (pics to come) to bowls of Pho and a big noodle dish that kinda resembled pad thai ~ It was seafood ~

2014-05-11 18.55.42These kind of spring roll things lol not to sure exactly what they were but one was filled with sweet potato or kumara as we say in New Zealand, one with shrimp and the last with some kinda fish i think ~ they weren’t too bad, can’t really go wrong with something deep fried ish and crispy right? lol

2014-05-11 18.59.53Next up the Pho ~ so I’m no Pho expert, but my gf is ~ She’s vietnamese haha so she knows her pho’ she said this particular one wasn’t really good, the broth or something about it was off, or really average! there’ was also like 2 pieces of meat in mine so that’ was already kinda zzzz for me lol overall not too bad just something to kinda cure the hunger but not too satisfying taste wise ~

2014-05-11 18.59.34The pad thai ish kinda dish, was filled with seafood, small octopus mussels a few shrimp and pawns and noodles, and some kinda weird salad with whack sauce hahaha but yeah anyways in short this place is really just a place to go if ur out of options and just wanna eat something like we did ~

Wont tell u where it is cause your probably better off not knowing lol otherwise go searching in the bottom of the Sinsegae ~ close to McDonalds ~ yeah!


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