Wang Thai – Thai Cuisine (Itaewon) *** / $$

2014-05-16 21.44.19                               Lol over the weekend I ate at this restaurant twice, and it was good both times! So definitely on my list of GOOD thai places to eat at. Friday night was a bit busier than Sunday but I can imagine any day of the weekend being super busy at this spot. Friday night walked in made a reservation waited about 20mins and was seated not to long after so it was a fairly reasonable wait ~ Here’s what was on the menu.

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After going over the menu I was really feeling like a curry, so I decided to order Panaeng Gai Curry ~ my girlfriend ordered the Pad See-Ew Gai (noodle dish) and my friend ordered the Guey Tiew Nuea Tuon (stewed beef noodle soup) and on Sunday i ordered the Gaeng Garee Gai (Yellow Curry) and my girlfriend ordered the Tom Yun Gun soup (Sweet and sour soup). So we had a good range of curries soups and noddles during our two meals here ~

2014-05-16 21.14.11

My spicy red curry with lime leaves and chillies, the heat was barely noticeable. The creamy curry was delicious, i wish the bowl was deeper, had good amounts of chicken, and wasn’t too spicy. It had a little twang to it, which i guess was from the lime leaves, but yes would definitely order this again.

2014-05-16 21.12.15

The pad see ew, was tasty, the noodles were good! AND i don’t really like noodles haha so this was pleasantly tasty for me. My girlfriend enjoyed her Pad See Ew, it was full of flavor, portion size was awesome, kinda like pad thai but alot better IMO, anyways yeah i would order this dish again without a doubt ~

2014-05-16 21.14.41

The stewed beef noodle soup ~ was a really hearty brothy soup, i’d say one perfect for winter, kinda like a home cooked stew. The beef was super tender and the broth had a nice aroma to it. There was a lot of noodles in this dish so def a good one for noodle lovers. I’d order this on a cold day compared to a hot summer day but definitely another tasty dish ~

2014-05-18 18.08.59

Tom Yun Soup, the sweet and sour soup! While some or most of these dishes come with like 2-3 prawns inside, this one had ALOT lol which is always a bonus in my book. The soup gradually becomes spicier as u the meal progresses ~ but remains tasty, this was my girlfriends second option, her and another friend ordered this soup and both really enjoyed their soups ~ yes to the soup~ 🙂

2014-05-18 18.18.52

Yellow Curry (chicken) SUPER CREAMY AND YUMMY! potatoes chicken and creamy seasoned curry ~ this was one of those curries you might need some rice to eat with ~ OR might be a bit over the top with the creaminess for some people ~ BUT for me i thought it was fine ~ lol super tasty and would definitely order this yellow curry again!~

2014-05-16 21.34.55

finishing up with a bowl of Tapioca balls coconut cream and ice 🙂 mmmm such a nice refreshing way to end such a great meal!!!!! Would definitely eat here again value for money, portion size and best of all it TASTE GREAT! yes yes yes! If you end up here you wont regret it ~

For directions and more info go and check out their website


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