Little Saigon – Vietnamese Cuisine (Gangnam) * / $$

2014-05-23 20.51.01Need to make more of an effort finding good places to eat instead of kinda strolling by and checking a place out now and then haha Anyways this place we stumbled upon on a back street of Gangnam so me and my girlfriend decided to stop by. It was up on the second floor had a nice open seating area, with big open windows, we got seated pretty quick, no need to wait and sat down to have a look at the menu, nothing out of the ordinary ur average Korean/Vietnamese restaurant, so we ordered the Cha Gio (springrolls or eggrolls as some people call em lol) and the Bun bo xao (noodles dish) along with a Vietnamese coffee ~

2014-05-23 20.52.26 2014-05-23 20.52.18 2014-05-23 20.52.11 2014-05-23 20.51.53

The dude serving us was a bit lost ~ and put a few extra things on the menu, me and my girlfriend looked at each other like, is stupid lol dont know where he got the the other items from but it was on the bill but we managed to change it up before it came out, anyways here’s the food.  2014-05-23 21.00.18the egg rolls came out first, they were good, tasted like they were supposed to, although my girlfriend said they used some other kind of paper to roll the egg rolls in, or sheets or something i dunno lol im just about the taste and it was okay, but she said we’ll eat the real ones when we go on holiday to vietnam hahaha and i’ll know the difference then ~ fair enough lol

2014-05-23 21.11.58                               the noodle dish came out second, had a WHOLE BUNCH OF NOODLES in it lol but then again we did order the largey size lol. the meat was so so thought it reminded me of bulgogi zzz was expecting more of the grilled bbq sweet pork ish tasting beef or pork or whichever meat it was supposed to be ~ filling dish, tasted a bit different to the ones i’ve eaten before but not badd.

Anyways this place was so-so or what we ordered was, wouldn’t go out of my way to eat here. Still on the look out for a really good Vietnamese place! any recommendations let me know ~

Gangnam Station (Line 2, Exit 9): Walk straight down the clubbing/bar street for about 5-10 minutes until you see the big Paris Baguette Café. Hang a left, and Little Saigon will be on your left on the ground floor
Sinnonhyeon Station (Line 9, Exit 6): Walk down Gangnam U-Street (Gangnamdaero) until you see Paris Baguette Café on your right. Turn right, walk straight for about two minutes, and Little Saigon will be dead ahead.


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