Fika Swedish Cafe – Sandwiches (Sinsa) * / $$$

2014-05-24 16.13.59                               Me and my girlfriend were trying to find the ACAI bowl place which was right next door to FIKA only thing was it was on break time for 2 hours, depressing lol seeing as we were actually looking for it to eat there ~ anyways saw this place and decided to try it, why not looked pretty good, fancy and looked like it was capable of having something decent on the menu ~ here’s the menu ~

2014-05-24 16.37.32                             They had a range of stuff from breakfast skillets to sandwiches cakes and desserts, we went in and almost half of the items were sold out Zzzz no good so decided to go with the cheese and salami sandwich ~ also ordered a carrot cake and a basil drink to go with it.

2014-05-24 16.28.45 2014-05-24 16.28.31 2014-05-24 16.27.24                              will keep it short ~ 8,500w for that bread with cheese and a slice of salami or whatever it was and a few green leaves! NOT WORTH IT lol hate to see what the others look like ~ The carrot cake was dense dry and had little to no flavor could have used some cream cheese or something just wasn’t good at all. The highlight was probably the drink ~ a smoothie ish kind of drink with rosemary infusion or something lol to be honest i was already done with this place with the food so didn’t enjoy it ~ would recommend you to not go or try something else besides the sandwiches 🙂 hahahaha otherwise tell me what you get if you enjoy it next time and i may think twice about going back but i doubt it lol



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