Chili King (Burgers) – Itaewon ** / $$

IMG_0002-1My usual, I was up here on the weekend so had a look during the week at some of the burger places that had been popping up alot of times through my google searches and burger hunts. This was one of the more popular ones so I insisted to my girlfriend that we try this place. Before heading to church we stopped by, around noon ish 1pm, it was fairly quiet for Sunday perfect for us lol and we got in and seated right away. Decent sized place, nice surroundings and open floor seating, a lot of light gets in and seems for a nice place to eat. What was on the menu ~

2014-06-01 11.52.49 2014-06-01 11.52.39

They have a wide range of burgers as well as starters etc, we decided to just stick to the burgers one each should be more than enough and we weren’t starving so didn’t need a tonne of food lol. I decided to go with the chilli burger and my girlfriend ordered the philly burger (details on the menu).

2014-06-01 12.02.39Burger came out quick time ~ along with a tray of condiments perfect for a burger although I didn’t see the mayo until the end of my burger dammit haha (i love mayo) lol but yeah the smell was amazing, their was a REALLY good amount of chilli on my burger, the meat patty inside it tasted like it was just hand made, full with flavors, and still really juicy under all the chill on the outside. It wasn’t spicy at all and it was a decent size ~ Burger was good, really enjoyed it and all the flavors worked well together!! ANOTHER big bonus was the fries, cooked to perfection with yummy seasoning to go with it, think it was some kinda cajun seasoning, def get those again ~ 2014-06-01 12.02.46The Philly burger ~ named after or created after the Philly Cheese steak ~ came out with two huge slices of provolone cheese, which is always a good sign for cheese lovers, still melting away on the hot juicy peat paddy, grilled peppers and onions melting into the cheese too. LOL I haven’t really had a legit philly cheese steak, but this was good. The meat patty was a bit different to mine it seemed, other then that, i guess it would depend on ur philly cheese steak standard. LOL anyways IMO it was good, nothing amazing but nothing bad to, side not, the fries are much better than the Cesar salad it came with lol.

Overall experience was great, food was tasty and wasn’t a let down. Would like to try a few more burgers next time I go there but overall both burgers were fine, would recommend this place to people looking for a fairly decent burger !

More details check out their page:



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