Acai Bowls – (Sinsa) * / $$$

IMG_4089This Acai bowl place is located across the road from FIKA swedish cafe, you can check my other blog post for directions. Tried coming here about a week or two ago and they were closed for break during 4-6pm i think it was, kinda surprised so decided to try again since me and a few friends were in the area. Got close and the store was busy people waiting in line and some eating outside, luckily wasn’t too many people so we managed to get in line to place our order ~

IMG_4087 IMG_4088

The place is nice and vibrant, tropical colours everywhere and fruit on hand, when you line up you can see them making the Acai bowls and see what goes into each cup etc, fresh fruits and other toppings ~ Prices are a bit steep but for something like this, that isn’t around every corner in Seoul its

IMG_4090          Understandable ~  I ordered the smallest size was still kinda full from lunch, didn’t take too long. I have never tried an Acai bowl or even heard of it so it was all new to me. The taste was okay, fresh fruit with blended acai berries with other fruits and toppings in the cup. Taste wise nothing out of the ordinary, a friend of mine who had eaten countless of these acai bowls said the taste was okay, and that she definitely had better, but hey its a start for Seoul to work on, so hopefully in time these will definitely improve in taste and start to taste like what they did “back home” for some poeple ~


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