Burger B – Burgers and Beers (Hongdae) ** / $$


Was on our way to “I am burger” but when we arrived they had already run out of stock, dammit! lol must be that good, will have to try there again next time i’m around the Hongdae area. So next option was burger B which I had heard about on burger blogs and what not. So we decided to try it out ~ was pretty easy to find not too far off the main road from all the clubs. Arrived and managed to get a table for 5 without waiting so it wasn’t too packed for a Saturday evening.

IMG_4111I ordered the ultimate burger, sorry the pic came out really ugly for this one haha low lighting and yeah just didn’t take a good pic! sorry haha! Anyways this is my burger, it came with fries and a shot of a milkshake ~ about 12,000w the burger was pretty good, decent sized and the meat patty was really tasty. topped with caramelized onions, truffles, and cheese, it was pretty thick in size and definitely worth the price all round. Would definitely order this burger again ~

IMG_4108My girlfriend ordered the pulled pork nachos, which came out with a generous amount of pulled pork which is always a good sign haha. However i’m not sure if it’s just me but pulled pork always seems to come out cold? lol I like my food hot esp bbq ish kinda meats, if it’s just me my badd lol but yeah just wish the food came out a bit hotter and not luke warm. Taste wise it was good, and like i said had a decent portion enough to share between 2-3 people ~

IMG_4114again sorry for the bad picture hahaha my friend ordered the pulled pork sandwich which came out luke warm like the nachos, so again i was a bit disappointed, size wise it was okay, taste was just okay aswell, could have done with some seasoning or maybe a better sauce to accompany it ? mmmm but yeah this was just an OK to me.

IMG_4112Cheese wedges, so-so again nothing amazing about them, could do without unless ur really hungry and need something to accompany your meal otherwise i’d say order something else ~

IMG_4120the Bacon cheeseburger ~ classic, my friend said it was good, nothing badd about it and a standard burger with pretty good flavors ~ so I’m guessing the bacon cheese burger is fine ! go ahead and order this one, excuse the cute girl in the back that’s my girlfriend lol ~ Overall the meal was good definitely a good price, that I wish other burger joints would follow suit. Ultimate burger and bacon cheeseburgers were both good! nachos and cheese wedges were okay, would try something else if your a bit hungry, but yeah! not a badd spot, if ur craving a burger in hongdae.

directions to Burger B via google maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/%EB%B2%84%EA%B1%B0%EB%B9%84+%ED%99%8D%EB%8C%80%EC%A0%90/@37.552471,126.923418,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x357c98c522d1442b:0x712bd78350fcf452?hl=en

The Hongdae branch is located at 362 -7  Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu  Seoul. Just around the corner from American Apparel.


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