Cafe Good to go – Brunch (Haebangchon) * / $$

Was in the HBC/Kyungridan area on the weekend and was a bit early in the am so decided to check up around HBC to see if there was anything open so we could grab some food ~ There wasn’t too much open so decided to try a cafe we had walked past a few times while in the area, i think it’s fairly new, it’s called “good to go”. A few seats avail we got seated near the window and took a look over there menu.



We decided to order the brunch, and the philly cheese steak ~ Good to go plate 10,000w and the philly cheese steak 8,000w

10402822_10152113530051809_3945993433314947437_nThe Brunch came out ~ not too much happening on the plate< the sausages were okay (opted for these instead of the bacon) potatoes, were kind of bland and the sour cream on top did it no favours, small side salad, scrambled eggs and a slice of bread with jam and butter. Overall the breakfast was just okay, nothing amazing about it, the highlight was probably the slice of the bread with butter to be honest lol.

10455296_10152113530226809_3553725415102351988_nThe meat tasted pretty good, with the melted cheese over it, the only thing which was a big THING to me was that the bread tasted like it was microwaved, maybe they did it to melt the cheese but it made the bread chewy and kinda rough to eat, like literally couldn’t bite it off lol don’t really want to be fighting my food that’s for sure ~

Overall the meal was pretty average, probably wouldn’t go back here, if I did it would be because of someones recommendation of something other then what i ordered above. lol


3 thoughts on “Cafe Good to go – Brunch (Haebangchon) * / $$

  1. Sorry you had a bad experience at Good to Go. I had their sandwiches last month and they were pretty good. However, their baked goods leaved little to desire. It’s just another place in HBC. Nothing special, but nothing horrible either.

    1. Yeah definitely feel the same, other sandwiches were probably better the philly cheese steak would have been good if the bread didn’t taste microwaved lol ohwell! No worries! 🙂

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