American Tap House – American comfort food (Icheon) ** / $$







10513511_684018551674064_7230869303920494680_nSo I had been walking to do the dry cleaning one day and saw this place opening, and definitely knew I had to come back when they were done building. Last night me and a few friends went to check out the American Tap House in my  small town of Icheon ~ The interior is pretty nice, modern looking at for the time being, there was a lot of free tables, I think when word gets out its gonna need more seating definitely lol. 10491982_684018885007364_4601679234702343582_nLocated on one of the back streets of the downtown area, its a nice modern bar/restaurant for the area, hopefully more to come. We went inside and grabbed a seat and took a look at the menu, I heard this place does fish and chips so that was definitely on my priority list to try here because if it was good it would definitely become my regular spot lol Anyways here’s whats on the menu 10447616_684018715007381_8451735878725419445_n 10410429_684018695007383_9181376374320099184_n

So yeah there’s a bunch of stuff on the menu that I want to try but like i said I went with the fish and chips, but also ordered a side of onion rings and my friend ordered a side of Mac n Cheese ~ ill definitely check out some of the other items on here next time, they have stuff like Gumbo, Quesadillas, Pizzas etc.

10524775_10152118899481809_641249000_n 10527936_10152118899451809_1107064655_nThe fish and chips came out all at once ~ which I was happy with, seeing as their was 4 of us, sometimes places tend to send them out not together lol anyways first off looked amazing, with decent amount of fish and chips, thought the portion size might have been a bit small but actually was fine ~ the batter was reaaaaal good alot like batter back in nz, light and crispy and didn’t retain too much of the oil, the chips were crunchy and fresh, prefer thick cut chips tho but these will suffice. Accompanied with a tartar sauce and tomato sauce, definitely needed a lemon wedge, which was given on request 🙂

Sorry forgot to take pics of the mac n cheese and onion rings, lol onion rings were spot on and a good price, portion size too, mac n cheese was tasty, maybe a different cheese would have made it spot on according to my fellow mac n cheese eaters (im not that big on mac n cheese lol). Overall the meal was awesome ~ besides the fact that i’m just happy a place close to home does western food but does it pretty well ~ here’s some pics of other items of food, and a decent range of craft beers they stock there also ~

10455547_571210959654369_637385134_n 10426812_684018921674027_4235594403863885004_nnext time il be trying the pizza that’s for sure lol ~ and if im not sick a craft beer alongside it lol ~ excuse my happiness lol looking forward to heading back to this place when i get the chance ~


Some easy directions if you kinda know your way around Icheon ~ lol if your from here you will if your not and need a hand if your visiting then drop me a message ~




One thought on “American Tap House – American comfort food (Icheon) ** / $$

  1. Fish and Chips at the American Tap House.. Fish and Chips !!! We just call any food ours lol Those sauces look delicious 😀 I’ll have to give it a go next time I’m in Korea. 🙂

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