I am a Burger – (Hongdae) *** / $

I am a burger - MokJah 10Saturday morning around 11:30am we decided to try a burger joint alot of friends from church had raved on about and so we thought it was a good chance to drop by to try the burgers here, since the last time we visited around 7:30pm ish they had run out of stock lol MUST BE some good burgers right. So luckily this time we arrived super early, and manage to get the last table before the line outside began to build. The place isn’t too big about 4-5 tables and the rest people add their name and line up outside for this place. We took our seat and had a look over the menu ~

I am a burger - MokJah 5  I am a burger - MokJah 11 I am a burger - MokJah7

They have a pretty decent selection of burgers with two different options for paddy size 140g or 210g, i opted for the 210g paddy with the garlic cheese and bacon burger, my girlfriend ordered the mushroom cheese burger on the small paddy, and upgraded it to a set with the crunchy fries and a sprite, and got a milkshake for good measure lol. After choosing what burger you want they have a selection of buns that they make in house so there isn’t alot of the other choices, so go early if you wanna try the other selections. I decided on the black bun and my girlfriend got the original. I am a burger - MokJah 4We waited about 15-20mins ish which isn’t too badd considering we were the last party to kinda walk in and get seated and there were definitely other tables waiting on their burgers, the milkshake came out first with the sprite we ordered.

I am a burger - MokJah 6The milkshake came out ~ super smooth and thick, not too sweet but just right. I should’ve tried the other flavors but def can’t go wrong with vanilla right? haha Anyways it was a decent size and worth the price, definitely gonna try another flavor next time we head to this place ~

I am a burger - MokJah 3 The Garlic Cheese and Bacon Burger on a Squid ink bun. Man this game out and looked and smelled delicious, everything was put together well, bacon was crispy but not too crispy, it wasn’t packed out with too much veges, and the meat paddy had a nice grilled crispness to it, but was also moist and juice on the inside. the cheese oozed over the burger and it had a fresh and plumpness to the burger. It held well together, and the taste just worked, the garlic was there but not overpowering, would’ve like a little more taste to it but it was by far a SOLID burger! i’d say up there with the top 3 burgers i’ve had in Korea to date.

I am a burger - MokJah 2That Cheeeeeeeeeeeese ugh….lolol was oozing out the side enough to make the mouth water by just looking at it lol, it was definitely the highlight of the mushroom burger, melted cheese over a well cooked paddy with mushrooms ugh need i say more! lol This burger was made well and a little smaller due to a smaller patty of course, the crunchy fries on the side came as a set and were battered wonderfully lol. Would definitely order by own on the side if I was hungry enough. The portion sizes of the place definitely warrants the price, which isn’t steep to begin with, our total bill was 28,000w which was for the two burgers, one larger patty in the set with crunchy fries and a drink and also a milkshake. Well worth the meal, all in all i’d say this is if not the BEST burger place i’ve eaten at in South Korea!!!

I am a burger - MokJah 9

Here is there business card with an address and the name ~ ~ get in there early to make sure nothing is out of stock ~ worth the wait if you have to wait in line, or just order take away and take a seat outside ~ Enjoy and definitely take the time to go eat here ~

Directions: head to Hongik station exit 8, take the first right and head up that street at the intersection take a left for a little bit and then make a right into a long street heading up hill. At the end of this road you should cross the street and head up some stairs take a right and I am A burger will be on your left.




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