The Pizza Peel – Pizza (Itaewon) ** / $$

Mokjah - The Pizza Peel 3

Friday evening, decided to check out a pizza place that I had recommended from someone at church. So me and my girlfriend had dinner with another couple from church, we met around 8pm and walked over to “The Pizza Peel” from starbucks about 5mins away. There was enough seating for us to just walk in and get seated and have a look over the menu to decide what we wanted to order.

Mokjah - The Pizza Peel 6 Mokjah - The Pizza Peel 5

After looking over the menu and deciding to go family style and just share everything we went for the classic Hawaiian Pizza and the buffalo ranch pizza, both items you can see on the menu’s above, we also ordered a side of Garlic knots which i heard were really good so didn’t pass on those ~ placed our order and waited about 15mins ish, not too long for the food ~

Mokjah - The Pizza PeelThe Garlic knots were first to came out, and they smelt pretty good ~ some herbs along the top and cooked brown to perfection. They were steaming with some garlic goodness and 8 for 8,000w isn’t a bad price, the portion size is okay, we shared it between the 4 of us and was a good start to the meal, the sauce on the otherhand probably wasn’t the most ideal to accompany the garlic knots, tasted like blended tomatoes so would probably avoid that next time, although they were perfectly fine without the sauce.

Mokjah - The Pizza Peel 2The Hawaiian pizza came out golden brown, with a good amount of ingredients on the pan, the crust wasn’t too thin and wasn’t too thick, each piece was filling and tasty, im not too big of a fan of Hawaiian pizzas but this one was fine. Pineapple chunks average size not too big, and enough ham spread out around the pizza, we were in agreement that tasted good.

Mokjah - The Pizza Peel 1The second pizza was the buffalo ranch pizza, a bit cheese for someone but i liked the feta and mozarella cheese together, the ranch sauce was lacking a bit, or maybe it was that the hot sauce came through more, definitely needed more ranch imo but that’s just me. The cheese made for a good pizza, good chunks of feta throughout the pizza, but the main taste was the cheese, Anyways yeah it was good, better than your average KOREAN style pizza lol so yeah all in all this place was pretty good, for the full meal split between 4 people it was about 11bucks each which works out fine, the portions were more than enough for 4 people, considering not everyone is STARVING lol.

Mokjah - The Pizza Peel 4From Itaewon station, walk straight from exit 4 for about 600 meters. The Alley Marketplace entrance is located next to the Rottiboy Cafe (past the McDonald’s and Starbucks), and the Pizza Peel is about 15 meters in.




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