On the Border – Mexican (Itaewon) ** / $$$

Mokjah - On the Border 3

Had the pleasure to attend one of our friends from churches birthday on Sunday straight after church, so from there we made our way over, pretty easy to find, and not too far from the itaewon station. We were early so got seated, and was greeted with some tortilla chips and salsa, we were pretty hungry so munched those down pretty quick, all the information (menus etc) can be found on their website, i’ll just go over what I ordered ~

Mokjah - On the Border 2 Mokjah - On the Border 1I ordered the double stack quesadilla which i shared with my girlfriend. It was pretty big indeed, i asked if i could possibly change the meat from chicken to something else but sadly was declined lol. The portion size is great! a decent amount of food, but i think it reflects the price. The taste was okay, nothing amazing about it, besides the fact that it was a double stacked quesadilla, although it was one of those meals where the first one was tasty, second and third were okay and maybe the last would have been too much. Good for sharing among a group of people i’d say. Overall pretty average nothing amazing in taste, size wise good but about what you would expect for that price tag.

Mokjah - On the BorderMy friend ordered the Taco Salad, it looked sad, and i guess it tasted sadder hahahaha but not sure if that was due to him only being able to eat salads for the time being but hey, didn’t look too good either. I’d probably avoid this too, since we ate with alot of people no one really had amazing reviews about their meals so nothing to note worthy, if you have no choice to eat here it’s not a total loss hahaha but i wouldn’t go out of my way to eat here ~

here’s the website for more info if yah want it: http://www.ontheborder.co.kr/main.html




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