Richard copycat All American Diner – (Itaewon) ** / $$$

Mokjah - All American Diner.Richard copycat diner1Sunday evening after church, the plan was to head to Richard Copycat All American diner in Itaewon for a friends birthday party. So after church we all made our way there, jumped in a taxi and went around the corner lol since church is close, Anyways walked up to the third floor and looked for our party of people to sit with, the layout of the place is quite nice, big palm trees inside, high ceiling, alot of seats to cater to big groups. We sat down and had a look over the menu ~ nothing out of the ordinary, breakfast options, burgers and pastas, didn’t feel like anything but meat lol so thought id go for the baby back ribs ~ cost around 25,000w

Mokjah - All American Diner.Richard copycat diner4Mokjah - All American Diner.Richard copycat diner3The lady who took my order, exaggerated when she said it would be too much for one person lol it would have been fine, but me and my girlfriend shared anyways, the rack was quite small to be honest, the meat was tasty, but the rib wasn’t really packed with meat, the taste was good but then meat smothered in bbq sauce tends to be, the fries were good, well seasoned, onion ring batter was horrible just like the onion rings. Overall the meal was okay, over priced, or just not worth the money.

I also tried the fish and chips which my friend ordered, batter was horrible and so was the fish of choice, philly cheese steak was zzzz tasted like it had been microwaved. All in all not the best meal, ribs were okay….but i think if you want good ribs don’t order these or anything mentioned above lol ~

Mokjah - All American Diner.Richard copycat dinerMy friend ordered the club sandwich ~ which he said was okay…can’t really get a club sandwich that wrong right, lol handful of chips to go with it…..Anyways all in all, i’d probably hit up a different restaurant in itaewon to please the taste buds, this place doens’t shape up too well in comparison ~



2 thoughts on “Richard copycat All American Diner – (Itaewon) ** / $$$

  1. Welp! Not the first time I’ve heard a bad review about Richard Copycat. The days of All American Diner being the only western-style restaurant in the neighborhood are long gone and the owners of Richard Copycat need to realize that. Great article and I’m sorry you had to spend your hard-earned money on that junk.

    1. Yeah no doubt after eating there and reading around this place has definitely deteriorated in quality, still don’t mind writing will try and save people some money reading my review lolol

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