HANCHU (한추) – Fried Chicken (Sinsa) *** / $$

After seeing this place on a few food review pages, I decided to go with some friends and see for myself if this place was as good as I had read. This Korean fried chicken place specializes in using green peppers. We ordered 2 rounds of the Green peppered fried chicken and then 2 rounds of the Pork stuffed deep fried green peppers, man had my mouth watering just thinking about it ~ Mokjah Food Blog - Hanchu fried chicken

Mokjah Food Blog - Hanchu fried chicken4

The pork stuffed deep fried green peppers came out first, man these were huge! LOL and cooked perfectly, the batter was so crispy and the pepper was just full of flavor, the pork inside made it amazingly good. The pepper wasn’t spicy at all and with some soy sauce and wasabi on the side, man these peppers were AMAZINGLY GOOD no lie! lol and for a good portion too ~ these were about 13,000w for a good amount to go round, but I definitely think we could have murdered about 3-4 more plates of these.

Mokjah Food Blog - Hanchu fried chicken5

Mokjah Food Blog - Hanchu fried chicken7

Next up was the Green Pepper crusted fried chicken, for about 17,000w will get you a decent sized plate of fried chicken. Like the peppers, the crispy goodness of the outside makes it a great first bite, the peppers in the skin of the chicken give it a nice little kick without it being too spicy ~ The chicken itself was good, just wish there was more meat on those chicken pieces haha think these chickens were on a diet ~ hahaha anyways overall the meal was good, the Deep fried pork stuffed green peppers would probably have been the winner here, but goes well with the fried chicken and possibly a few rounds of beer would round it all up nicely ~ Would definitely make another trip here, maybe to get into those green peppers again lol here’s some info on the store ~

HanChu 한추 (한잔의 추억)
Address: 549-9 Shinsa-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul (서울 강남구 신사동 549-9)
Phone Number: 02.3446.5778
Hours: 5pm-3am

Any other questions feel free to ask ~


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