Coreanos – Mexican Fusion (Itaewon) *** / $$


Got seated with chips and salsa, always a good way to start the meal off ~ too bad they weren’t free refills lol definitely would have gotten 3rd’s and 4ths haha but thats probably why they aren’t lol


Saturday night thought i’d find some hungry souls to go get some grub with, organized a few friends for a small get together, we ended up at Coreanos new location in Itaewon, the place is really close to the main road and really easy to find, spacious and alot of seating, a table for 7 was easy to come by here. For everything menu related you can check out here on their website as for us we got seated and took a look over the menu, these are what we ended up going with.


We started with an order of Pork kimchi nacho fries ~ these were really tasty, good mix of flavors, but i think im just a chip lover haha missed that thicker heavier taste compared to what nacho chips give you. LOL that’s just me personally overall these still tasted good, the kimchi flavor is doable and not overpowering at all, sauces work well and was tasty the whole way through  ~


I ordered the battered fish burrito for my dinner, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan was this good lol not overly battered or crispy, a nice finish, and fillings just molded together nicely, the taste was….AMAZING to say the least haha wasn’t fishy at all and EVERYTHING in that burrito just tasted SOLID! lol would def order this one again next time or order something else and get a takeaway battered fish burrito to take home lol YEP that’s how good it was ~


My girlfriend decided (or i persuaded her 😛 ) to get 3 tacos, the Carne Asada Beef, Al Pastor pork and the Braised pork belly ~ check out their menu above for a full run down! My favourite out of the bunch had to be the braised pork belly, man the flavors that came out of that worked up piece of pork was amazing! Tender soft and bursting with porky goodness if that is such a thing haha anyways the other 2 were okay, nothing too amazing, but not badd either, i’d definitely go another round of braised pork belly tacos that’s FOSURE!

All in all was a solid experience, the staff were friendly and food didn’t take long at all, the place has a nice layout and if dining in a smaller group has outdoor seating with a nicer view, prices are reasonable and definitely make up for it in taste!!! Directions to Coreanos take a train to Noksapyeong station on line 6. Use the elevator to exit the building so you come out by the bridge. Walk over the bridge and turn right and follow the alley way around. Coreanos will be on your right you can’t miss it 🙂

p.s thanks to my friends for coming with ~

tumblr_nbi9nwHFHZ1qkh8eyo8_500 tumblr_nbi9nwHFHZ1qkh8eyo6_500


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