The Flying Pan – Brunch (Itaewon) *** / $$$

The Flying pan - Mokjah food blogThe flying pan in Itaewon ~ the place that always has a line most weekends, and one of the reason why i had never visited there in the past. Anyways it was Chuseok weekend and everyone or at least most people had left town and lucky for us gave me and my friends the opportunity to eat here without having to wait in line ~ The place is nice, not a big restaurant but enough seats for small groups of people `

The menu ~

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Took a look over the menu and man i knew it was expensive here lol but come on! nearly $20 for pancakes? OHWELL lol only thing on my mind was it better be some good food lol since there was three of us we ordered one each and decided to do family style, so everyone could have a little bit of everything ~

The Flying pan - Mokjah food blog 3Eggs avocado smoked salmon – was the name of this dish haha can see it on the menu, this dish was okay, nothing amazing, salmon was average, and altogether didn’t have too much things to gloat about at the end of it. It was pretty big, i’d say a good dish to share, the egg was well cooked, that runny yellowy egg part you want when ur eating eggs bene lol other then that yeah not too bad, just nothing AMAZING!

The Flying pan - Mokjah food blog6The fair lady pancake ~ thick and fluffy pancakes with mixed berries and ricotta cheese as well as a nice dollop of cream. The pancakes were light and and decent sized, spread out with everything in a fork full it was pretty good. The flavors mixed well and is something i’d get again, i usually like my pancakes with butter and maple syrup but this was a nice alternative ~ would order this again if i dont mind paying or if someone else is paying for me haha

The Flying pan - Mokjah food blog4Grilled banana french toast – I really enjoy eating french toast and this one was no disappointment, nice big chunks of grilled banana, and some nice thick butter and ricotta cheese to go along with it. An ample amount of syrup which i like because i usually drown my pancakes/french toast in syrup lol. A pretty simple dish done well, very sweet and tasty and something’ id order again ~

All in all the food is pretty good, not sure i can say any breakfast is worth nearly 20,000w so definitely on the higher scale of breakfast price but at least the food is worth a few dollars more if you don’t mind cost!

Directions: Head to Itaewon station on line 6 and come out of exit two. Walk straight and take the first left. You’lll see flying pan on the right, next to a thai restaurant ~

Thanks to my friends who accompanied me in my lil food journey ~

The Flying pan - Mokjah food blog5


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