The Bakers Table – Brunch/Sandwiches (Kyungridan) ** / $$

Bakers Table - Mokjah food blog1.jpgSunday Brunch, had a lil gathering meetup with an awesome couple, we decided to check out Bakers table, we were going to head to craftworks but they didn’t open until 11am so took a little detour, lucky the area has a few options. We got a seat in the outside area, a little cramped for the slightly bigger people like myself but we squished well haha. Sat down and took a look over the menu ~

Bakers Table - Mokjah food blog3.jpgI ordered the farmer (10,500w) choice of eggs, toast, bacon, hash brown potatoes and a slice of tomato. The scrambled eggs were mushy and a little to sloppy for my liking, the hash browns were okay, nice and crispy but nothing to write home about, the toast and bacon were standard, overall the meal tasted like the seasonings lol all the herbs and stuff, on the plate kinda overpowered what was actually on it, which by the end of it tasted like i had a meal of herbs and carbs haha so probably wouldn’t order this again ~

Bakers Table - Mokjah food blog.jpgMy girlfriend ordered the Spicy smoked chicken (9,500w) Chicken breast, onion tomato on foccacia bread. Pretty basic sandwich, tasty tho, this again had a lot of herbs and seasoning which I didn’t mind too much, it was a nice small sandwich, with a good amount of chicken in the sandwich, a nice light option for breakfast, not too heavy.

Overall a lot of options here, might try something else next time, breakfast was okay. nothing to write home about! So if i happen to be in the area again i might try maybe one of the all day lunch menu options.

Directions: Go to Noksapyeong station line 6 and go out exit 2, walk down the hill towards Haebong chon and go over the small bridge over the motorway, you should be able to see the front of “The Bakers Table” from there. Enjoy ~


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