Linus BBQ – Southern Style BBQ (Itaewon) *** / $$

Label_Shapes_3FINALLY got to linus bama style bbq lol tried one time before and they were SUPER BUSY which definitely reflects the good food no doubt ~ luckily this time round we went early Saturday afternoon and there were seats available inside and outside, so if you don’t wanna wait i suggest going around noonish if your there on the weekends. The place is nice, indoor outdoor seating, and a lot of room if you get there early in a big group, the MUSIC was awesome lol had me feeling all good even before I got my food lol. Here’s what they have on the menu ~

Linus BBQ - Mokjah food blog 7 Linus BBQ - Mokjah food blog 6 Linus BBQ - Mokjah food blog 8

After looking over the menu at all the goodness on offer, we decided to go with the OG PULLED PORK SANDWICH (12,000W) and the THE BOMB Brisket sandwich option (16,500) and ordered a side of Smokey Mac n Cheese (4,300w). Would have ordered more but it was only me and my girlfriend eating today lol so couldn’t get too much didn’t wanna be greedy haha

Linus BBQ - Mokjah food blog 1First out was the pulled pork sandwich, maaaaan it looked SOLID soon as it came out, with a good serving of pulled pork over a bread bun and some fries, and a side of slaw which wasn’t my fav but still went well with the meal. The pulled pork was succulent and juicy, and the sauces that came along with the meal topped the meal. The sauces were warm and had enough kick but not too much, I lathered it on the pulled pork and on the fries, and some of the mac n cheese lol this meal was LEGIT! I’d definitely order this one again!!

Linus BBQ - Mokjah food blog 3The OG brisket! aw man layers on layers of brisket, i was drooling while i was taking the pictures lol was trying to take the photos quick so I could dig in already. The brisket was amazing and the caramelized onions made a nice lil sweet kick, aswell as the sauce, although i opted to put more of the hot sauce than the sweet on this one it still worked really well. The fried pickles were a different kind of flavor but went in altogether with everything else. Another side not was the fries! these were some nicely seasoned fries and definitely had me scraping the crumbs together lol ANOTHER meal to be happy over.

Linus BBQ - Mokjah food blog 2Smokey Mac n Cheese, the breadcrumbs and seasoning on top were a nice touch, it wasn’t as cheesy as others i’ve tried but still good although i think id pick the SHYBANA Mac n Cheese over this one, but this wasn’t too bad either. We still finished it lol I heard from a friend though that the mac n cheese balls were really good, so will definitely have to do a round two of linus bbq that’s for sure! ALL in ALL was more than satisfied with the food from Linus BBQ I have never had real southern style bbq so can’t compare to much but i was more than SATISFIED when leaving linus bbq, will definitely be making another visit sometime soon.

Linus BBQ - Mokjah food blog 4

Directions: Take a subway to Itaewon and go out exit 4, walk for about 10mins and you’ll come towards the end of the main shopping area, on your left you’ll see a McDonalds, next to the McDonalds you should see a stairwell heading down with a Linus BBQ sign in the area, head right down to the back and you’ll get to Linus BBQ


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