Sugar Daddys – Baked goods (Itaewon) *** / $

Looking for something sweet, a cake fix, or a dr pepper float, this is the place I always head to when i’m feeling like one of the things mentioned above. My favourite thing from Sugar Daddys is the Dr Pepper float and the banana cake with ice cream. The prices are reasonable but the taste is well worth every dollar there.

Here’s a few things they have there ~Sugar Daddys - Mokjah food blog 1 Sugar Daddys - Mokjah food blog 2Sugar Daddys - Mokjah food blogThis banana cake and ice cream!!!!! my fav!!!! everyone has their own kinda preference on how they like theirs, this is how i like mine! lol ice cream is some sweet creamy goodness too, don’t miss out!

Sugar Daddys - Mokjah food blog 3Sugar Daddys - Mokjah food blog 4Sugar Daddys - Mokjah food blog 5 Sugar Daddys - Mokjah food blog 6 Dads root beer, Dr pepper, New Zealand Ciders (AMAZING) and you can make root beer floats with whichever sodas you like. All in all, the place is good, there is indoor outdoor seating, which is nice when its a sunny day and you don’t feel like being inside ~ pop over and treat yourself with something sweet.

Directions: Take the subway to Itaewon and head to exit 4, walk straight down until you get around McDonalds, just before McDonalds on your left is a small entrance that leads to a few suit shops, in the back you will see Sugar Daddys, keep an eye out for the sign at the front of the foot path too ~ Enjoy


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