Hacienda – Mexican food (Itaewon) ** / $$

Hacienda - Mokjah food blogSunday after church, was pouring down with rain, we were trying to decide quick where to eat, and so we ended up here at HACIENDA, on one of the small backstreets behind the main road of Itaewon, we got seated after a short wait, the interior was pretty swanky, but not with a lot of room, the tables felt like I was in some french courtyard or something lol but inside on a rainy day instead lol anyways got seated and took a look over the menu ~ Hacienda - Mokjah food blog5 Hacienda - Mokjah food blog4They had your regular items, tacos, burritos and quesadillas. Hadn’t heard anything about this place before so just went with a quesadilla and the Carne Asada fries. Hacienda - Mokjah food blog1These came our first and was bigger than i imagined, which made me happy lol im always down for big portions of food, their was a nice amount of guacamole, salsa and sour cream. The cheese was melted over the chips and the carne asada was scattered around with just enough for a few bites per serving of french fries. It smelled good and taste was legit too, a nice way to start our meal, and end it since it kinda lasted that long too lol Hacienda - Mokjah food blog2The cheese and carne asada quesadillas came out next, they were pretty standard, nothing amazing, probably could make some similar ones at home. You get 4 and its probably better for sharing anyways, the first one probably wouldn’t taste as good as the last one lol! Ohwell it went well with the Carne Asada fries, so that works. Hacienda - Mokjah food blog3My friend ordered the fish burritos, that weren’t too bad in size, although i do eat alot of so would probably need at least 4 tacos to get full, she mentioned the taste was good, she enjoyed it, a little tang with the lemon, not too thick on the batter and a nice light salad and sauce over the top! It seems this restaurant has a pretty good standard, everything is done well, tasty and neat, the staff were on point and made us feel comfortable ~ Check it out if your in the mood for a little mexican in Itaewon, although I would probably go to Correanos instead lol ~

Directions: From itaewon station go out exit 4 and make a U-Turn, follow the foot path and take ur first alley on your right (opposite taco bell) Hacienda will be on your right next to wolfhound.


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