Cheeky Kiwi – New Zealand food (Sinchon) *** / $$

Cheeky Kiwi Sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog 7Its taken me awhile but I have finally got around to writing about “Cheeky Kiwi” bar in Sinchon, they just recently had their official opening but I was lucky enough to try out their menu and check out the new bar before it was open to the public (a few friends of mine are the owners lol). I also had my birthday party there which turned out to be an amazing night with good food and just the whole welcoming and catering experiencing from the owners and staff of the Cheeky Kiwi. Anyways on to the most important part, the food! Cheeky kiwi is known for its Kiwi style cuisine with a lot of comfort food from back home, done REALLY WELL I might add, and worth the trip over to check em out ~Cheeky Kiwi Sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog 2First up, the Fish and chips ~ being from NZ i LOVE me some fish and chips, lol when I heard this would be on the menu my hopes were very high alongside my expectation ~ and it DID NOT disappoint, the batter was perfect crispy but not to thick or doughy, the fish was still moist and cooked just right, and the fries made up the rest of the meal. The tartar sauce was a nice add, im usually a tomato sauce kinda guy lol and the nice side of coleslaw did well to refresh the palette before diving back into some fried fish and chips. This will be the best 15,000w meal you would have had in a  long time ~ don’t forget to have a L&P along side, and your good to go!

Cheeky Kiwi Sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog 8Next up is the “Works Burger”, packed with a juicy meat paddy, tomato, lettuce, crispy bacon, a crunchy golden hash brown topped with an egg and enough sauce to keep the burger well dressed lol, the bun is a bagel slightly glazed but crisp and works really well with the rest of the burger. This burger is pretty hefty but will definitely hit the spot if your craving a burger or two, served with some chips, but don’t forget to get an L&P too wash it all down. My hunger was curbed by the end of this burger that’s for sure, this will cost you about 15,000w worth every won in my opinion.

Cheeky Kiwi Sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog 5Cheeky Kiwi Sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog 1Cheeky Kiwi Sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog 3The bar is nicely set out with tables for smaller groups or can be put together for slightly bigger groups, there’s also seating at the bar and a few standing tables and stools towards the other side of the room, the bar hosts alot of Rugby games during the year and has a nice big screen and projector for all the Rugby fans who wanna support and have some good food and a few brews at the same time. Cheeky Kiwi Sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog 9  Cheeky Kiwi Sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog 11Cheeky Kiwi Sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog 6

They have a wide selection of beverages, they have the Monteiths range from New Zealand which covers a wide selection of beers including your ales, lagers, pilsners with a few others aswell that you can try. Also ciders from the monteiths range with flavours like pear, apple and summer berries. There;s something for everyone, as well as the wine selection you see above. They also have a few other choices in the fridges as you can see above. Cheeky Kiwi is always trying to bring you the best of New Zealand beverages with the most competitive prices ranging from 5,000w+ (They also have specials now and then which you’ll have to check out their website or page for updates.

cheeky kiwi sinchon 13 - Mokjah food blogSpeaking of Specials this will be going down this Saturday so if your feeling like some good ol bbq with everything you see above head into check it out ~

Cheeky Kiwi Sinchon - Mokjah food blog 14 COMING SOON!!!^^^ lol so don’t drool to much but keep an eye on their page, links will be provided at the bottom, be sure to stop by and say hello grab some solid food and enjoy a few drinks ~ If you go there and tell them you found their bar from “Kayc’s” (K.C’s) Blog you might get something! OR just a big Smile and a chuckle lol! Either way you won’t be disappointed, be sure to head over and check em out!!!!

Directions: Go to Sinchon station head out exit 1 walk straight out and take your 3rd right, continue to walk straight and take your third right again, cheeky kiwi will be on your right on the 2nd floor, keep an eye out for the big white and green sign you can’t miss it!

For more info on opening hours or any other questions check out their fb page:


3 thoughts on “Cheeky Kiwi – New Zealand food (Sinchon) *** / $$

  1. thanks for all these awesome reviews, I squealed at the L&P, omg I have to take one of my girlfriends here, she seriously misses some good old fish and chips with watties sauce mmmm

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