Flower Gin – Gin Bar (Kyungridan) *** / $$

Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 10Flower Gin bar, finally got round to checking out this place I read about while skimming through http://derekversuslonelyplanet.com/ blog, he has some good tips and places to check out around South Korea too  ~ So I went with my girlfriend on a Saturday night before heading out to meet other friends, I’m a gin fan, especially good gin and Hendricks is definitely up there with the best of them so to see a bar dedicated to Hendricks but also doubles as a flower store it was definitely somewhere I had to visitFlower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food BlogThe drinks are pretty reasonable prices, and the taste definitely makes up for it once they come out, the presentation of the drinks are awesome. During the 2 ish hour we were there me and my girlfriend tried all 4 of the drinks on offer, from the original Gin and Tonic to their own creations that the owner had made herself. The night we went though it was her younger brother who was manning the bar as she had a birthday to celebrate that night. On to the drinks  ~

Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 14The Classic Gin and Tonic garnished with some slices of cucumber and a rose at the top ~ The simpleness of the drink allows the amazing aroma of the Hendricks gin to really come through, as well as the cucumber and rose flower to enhance the flavours already inside the gin itself. It was a nice fresh take on a simple drink, definitely a classic done well, think I could have had a couple of these but chose to move on and try a few of the others on the menu

.Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 3 Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 2 Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 1

We ordered 2 at a time tasting and swapping between each others trying to get a feel of which one we liked the most. All were super tasty, The Buck which was mixed with the gingerale was okay, although the Tounge-Jig caught the attention of my tounge, the orange pellegrino gave it a nice kinda tang and was super smooth when going down. The kick with the hypnotiq and cherry was okay a little sweeter than I would have liked but was a nice treat at the same time. My Favourite out of the 4 was the first original Gin and Tonic, and definitely the tounge jig ~ I’d drink and order any one of those 4 again at any given time though that’s for sure! SUPER TASTY.

Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 12Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 11  Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 9Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 8Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 7The bar itself isn’t to big at all, seating for about 8 people max maybe, it’s a nice little spot to get out of the clutter along the main road, and kinda tucked away in the back. The bar itself actually duals as a flower shop so it smells really good inside, the bar seems like it’s sponsored by Hendricks with all the Hendricks decor inside, its an awesome little spot! I’d definitely recommend checking it out! One other AWESOME thing about this bar is that they have a full time security dog lololol the Dog in the picture below is the owners dog and is said to be pretty famous in the bar! As you can see she’s pretty friendly! Anyways be sure to stop by and check out this nice little cozy spot! You wont be disappointed. Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 6 Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 5 Flower Gin Bar - Mokjah Food Blog 4Directions to Flower Gin: Head over to Noksapyeong station and head out exit 2, walk straight down to the bottom and at the intersection you should see an overbridge, head over there and on the otherside once you pop down you wanna head left away from the intersection you just came from, you should see the bar in the picture above in the distance.

Link to maps: http://map.daum.net/?eName=%EC%84%9C%EC%9A%B8%ED%8A%B9%EB%B3%84%EC%8B%9C+%EC%9A%A9%EC%82%B0%EA%B5%AC+%EC%9D%B4%ED%83%9C%EC%9B%902%EB%8F%99&eX=497251&eY=1122319


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