Travel Maker – Brunch (Hongdae) *** / $

Travel Maker Hongdae - Mokjah Food Blog11Wow it’s been a super long time since my last post sorry ! Was busy preparing for my missions trip to Japan Osaka and Tokyo which is finally done and dusted! What a journey it was ~ Anyways back to the food business and back to writing about food again, oh how I have missed trying new restaurants and different places around Korea, especially seeing as their popping up ALL THE TIME!

Anyways went out for brunch, a friend who had recommended this place, decided ti was time to catch up over some brunch so we ventured over to Hongdae to find this Brunch place called “Travel Maker” the word is it’s cheap super simple but really good! SO good enough for me! A simple small view of the restaurant interior

Travel Maker Hongdae - Mokjah Food Blog3 Travel Maker Hongdae - Mokjah Food Blog4There’s quite a lot of seating here, some booths and tables, and a big long table through the middle for bigger groups, but it all comes down to timing as this place got full pretty quick, but we managed to snag a table for 6 here comfortably, we sat down and took a look over the menu  ~

Travel Maker Hongdae - Mokjah Food Blog2 Travel Maker Hongdae - Mokjah Food Blog1Good prices! simple menu, and simple breakfast options, not to sure on the pre set breakfast meals u can create your own on the A La Cart option, with prices on the side. I’ll say it again SUPER CHEAP, haha especially compared to some places in Itaewon ~ that’s for sure ~ So we got ordering, i started off with a Earl Grey Latte, Oooo man that was heaven in a cup, although i think i would be bouncing off the walls if i had to many cups of that in the morning lol

Travel Maker Hongdae - Mokjah Food Blog6I ordered the French Toast Breakfast set, hash brown, bacon, sausages and french toast. The Sausage was real juicy and full of Flavor, the bacon cripsy (sadly only one slice but you can always add more) scrambled eggs were light and fluffy and the hash brown was just right. The French Toast was good ~ overall it’s kinda like the simple breakfast you want in the morning. Nothing over extravagant just a nice simple brunch for a price that doesn’t damage your budget! (8,900w)  Travel Maker Hongdae - Mokjah Food Blog7My girlfriend ordered the Strawberry Banana French Toast with a big dollop of whipped cream in the center lol. This had about 6 pieces of French toast, so needless to say we were over our head in French Toast haha but I wasn’t complaining, super tasty, but maybe if someones getting this the other person can get pancakes or something lol. A nice simple breakfast, fruit and french toast ~ (6,700w)

Travel Maker Hongdae - Mokjah Food Blog10My friend here got the Waffle Set, pretty much the same with the french toast set but waffle in stead. condiments to go with everything are on the table, if you order coffee you can get it refilled for free as many times haha i think my friends had about 3-4 cups each, everything is self order, so when your ready just head up to the counter order and pay.

Travel Maker Hongdae - Mokjah Food Blog5All in all I enjoyed the breakfast here at Travel Maker, i would definitely make the trip out there again to eat. They also have snacks at the front counter, Jalepeno Kettle chips, some hot sauces and some other foreign goods ~ The place is nice and clean in a nice developing area and the atmosphere “Smells like home” They also have 3 flat screen tvs that were showing the NBA! YESSSSSSSSSS hahaha so already winning in my book ~ hope you get the chance to check it out! ENJOY

Directions ~ Hongik station Exit 3 Walk straight for about 3minutes and it’s on your left, keep an eye out for the sign, hard to miss!


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