Butanchyu – Japanese Ramen (Sinchon) *** / $

BUTANCHU sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog.jpgButanchu ~ Japanese Ramen done right, a friend of mine recommended i try this place in Sinchon called butanchu ~ apparently it gets super busy here, luckily when i went it was okay, didn’t have to wait but shortly after there was a line lol. They specialize in japanese Ramen, they keep it simple, 4 types of broth and 3 types of noodles to choose from. The Ramen very in texture and oil richness, the smaller the number the stronger the taste, 1 is popular with men and 2 is usually popular with women. I chose the 3 haha and it was perfect enough for me ~

you can also choose your type of noodles ~ thin, squiggly (ramyeon like) or Dragon Cut which was thicker and a bit chewier. I went with the thin and my gf got the thick cut ~

BUTANCHU sinchon - Mokjah Food BlogWe started off with the Gyozaaaa, good choice, nice and crispy on the outside and packed full of flavor on the inside, i could have probably done with a few more round to myself haha but gotta share ~

BUTANCHU sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog1I ordered the regular with no added things haha i just wanted to try it straight up first, with the broth, the egg, the pork of course and a little bean sprouts that came with it. The broth was nice and hearty, the pork was super tasty, thin but had a lot of flavor, and was generous in serving for the price. The noodles worked well since im not a big noodle fan but i finished all of mine LOL. A good solid Ramen for a cheap price ~ this cost around 7,000w and u can definitely add extras ~

BUTANCHU sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog2I know what your thinking, now hers looks more like the Ramen you were expecting right haha well yeah your right, i think i ate most of mine before i realized i hadn’t taken a picture yet. Anyways she got the spicy ramen set which was a set Ramen special that they had, she liked the spicy stuff so she got this one. Around the same price, it wasn’t really that spicy but had a different kinda broth. It worked well, was tasty, i’d probably order hers next time ~

ANYWAYS so a good thing about this place is NOODLES ARE REFILLABLE lol if you have broth left, so don’t drink too much of your broth! LOL the place is nice not too big and usually gets busy quick so be prepared to wait a bit. They have other items on the menu, japanese style fried chicken, and some salads. CHEAP SOLID tasting Ramen! go get some!


BUTANCHU sinchon - Mokjah Food Blog7


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