Little Papa Phos – Vietnamese (Hapjeong) *** / $

Little Papa Phos - Mokjah food blogSorry forgot to take a pic of the front of the restaurant haha but this will do for now i’ll try and upload one later when i walk past it ~ BUT anyways onto my post! LITTLE PAPA PHO’S ~ BEST PHO in Seoul so far for me personally anyways so if you know one better be sure to leave a comment in the box below, many thanks to yah ~ So anyways me and my girlfriend found this little spot in Hapjeong, super small but ALWAYS busy, we finally got in there one evening and got to indulge in some awesome Vietnamese cuisine ~

Little Papa Phos - Mokjah food blog2 Little Papa Phos - Mokjah food blog6Always hungry we started with some entrees the Chicken and mushroom rolls (4,500w) and the Vegetable spring rolls (5,000w) The spring rolls are full of colour and life, lol all fresh veges wrapped up in thin rice paper, can’t go wrong, and it’s pretty much what you see is what you get, a nice light option for a starter to share. The chicken and mushroom roll wasn’t my fav, the texture was goey like and everything kinda strooped away from my chopsticks haha so id say stick with the vege rolls unless its your kinda thing haha

Little Papa Phos - Mokjah food blog5 Sorry my pictures definitely dont do it justice, but this bowl of Pho was SOLID! a good heart broth, super tasty with the roasted garlic scattered in it, u can definitely taste layers of different spices used in this dish. The beef brisket which i think is the regular one is around 7500w and they have a bunch of different options to choose from. Different cuts of meat and a few seasonal options on their menu. Me and my girlfriend ordered the same thing haha should have got different ones, ohwell lol next time right ~ be sure to order a side of Cilantro when ur ordering to get ur authentic taste on, now if only they had limes on the side aswell, would be perfect!

Direcitons: Go to Sinchon subway station and take exit 5, take your first right and follow that road down the main street till u get to the intersection is should be on your right ~ here’s a map just in case

Little Papa Phos - Mokjah food blog1
HAPPY CAMPERS lol got our pho fix ~

Enjoy ~


4 thoughts on “Little Papa Phos – Vietnamese (Hapjeong) *** / $

  1. That pho… omg looks so good! Thanks for the awesome heads up, will have to plan a trip there. I think I’ll plan a food field trip with some of my fellow-food obsessed friends to that area haha.-kimchi&marmite –

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