Toast Monsters – Grilled Cheese (Kryungridang) *** / $$

Mokjah Food Blog - Toast Monsters5Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches seem to be the new thing down in the Kyunridang area, one of the places I seen pop up in the area is called “Toast Monsters”. I was able to pop down after church with a group of friends to check it out ~ We arrived around 6pm, and thought it would be busy due to all the foot traffic in the area, definitely not the case, it was empty, we went in and grabbed a seat about 10 of us so a decent sized group. The place has enough seats for maybe about 15ish people I’d say. There toasts range from about 6,000w upto 19,000w and they have some sides as well.

Mokjah Food Blog - Toast MonstersWe started off with some Monster Fries (8,000w) to share, Pretty plain fries with some sauce and cheese, I’d probably just get the combo side of fries, instead of buying fries separately. Mokjah Food Blog - Toast Monsters1Next up me and my girlfriend ordered the Mac n Joe (10,000w) and man was this some cheesy goodness or what lol as soon as it landed on our table we knew it was gonna be good. Oozing with cheese what more could you want, the Sloppy Joe was good could do with a little more seasoning but I wasn’t complaining ~ would definitely order this one again. Mokjah Food Blog - Toast Monsters2Finally the main course, lol you’d think we’d have had enough of the Mac n Joe but nope we ordered the Mac n Cheese with Sloppy Joes (10,000w) to finish off our feeding frenzy here. The Toast was a nice thick cut of bread and just like the Mac n Joe but now in sandwich form, it was Amazing, an awesome Carb Overload experience, filled with all that cheesy goodness we had earlier, i’m guessing you’ve caught on and realized we love us some CHEESE lol. Mokjah Food Blog - Toast Monsters3The guys here at Toast Monsters were nice enough to give us some Buffalo wings (6,000w) on the house, nothing gets better than free food, awesome service at this small lil place, not much waiting time, it is grilled cheese after all lol. They also have drinks on offer soda, coffee, ade and some beers on hand. The other sandwiches they had were the Lobster, Steak and Potato and nutella and banana to name a few. Maybe if you guys get to check it out let me know how the other sandwiches taste ~

1530525_10153139511644487_1048004642339890235_nOverall it’s a nice lil place to add to the rotation of restaurants down in the Kyungridang area, good value and pretty cheap if your not ordering the steak or lobster sandwiches etc. Take some friends and head on over for a nice meal on the cheaper side unless ur feel like dropping some money get the Lobster or steak sandwiches ~

Directions: Head on the subway to Noksapyeong station and head out exit 2, walk straight down the hill, you should pass the military base on the left then the kimchi pots, from there you’ll see Toast Monsters on your right. You can’t miss this place 🙂



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