Chucks Table – Brunch (Krungridang) *** / $$

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So a friend of mine who I met at church has been working hard to bring good food to the tables of Korea, he’s starting small with small pop up events, and hosting private dinners from his humble head quarters. I was happy that he was able to host a Saturday event, because I wasn’t able to make it to the week day events. So me and a friend signed up for Chucks Brunch event he would be hosting, man I was excited before I even got there. The breakfast/Brunch was a few things Chuck had in mind and was wanting to experiment with, and explaining each meal and what we were about to eat, also the experience of having it plated in front of you or seconds after coming out of the oven. Here’s how it all went down ~

Mokjah Food Blog - Chucks Table2Mokjah Food Blog - Chucks Table10We started off with a new take on eating avocados which I hadn’t experienced before. Avocado with Maldon Sea Salt & Aged Balsamic Modena, Basically a wedge of avocado served with the balsamic drizzled over the top accompanied with some sea salt. Simple but SUPER DELICIOUS, I’m an avocado lover myself so either way I was going to enjoy it lol, but this was just added to the list of how I can eat my avo’s from now on.

Mokjah Food Blog - Chucks Table8 Mokjah Food Blog - Chucks Table3 Mokjah Food Blog - Chucks Table6Next up was the Scalloped Potato Bros with Barrel-Aged SambaThis dish was sitting on the table when we arrived and after sneakily opening the lid man that smell just hit me in the nose I couldn’t wait to dig in. Chuck explained what was in it before serving us, the first bite was creamy yet had a nice little kick which was from the Sambal, the type chucked used was a Barrel Aged which is a bit different from the regular but it definitely gave the dish some edge. As we progressed through the dish the taste went from a creamy kick to a richer deeper creaminess and that crust at the end of the potatoes were HEAVEN, lol I could have definitely demolished half of that dish by my self lol, please do this one again sometime bro ~

Mokjah Food Blog - Chucks Table1 Mokjah Food Blog - Chucks Table11Onto the third dish: Sous Vide Egg with Black Truffle Salt.So this was a new technique of cooking an egg which I had heard for the first time, a sous vide egg kinda pronounced (SuVee) lol at least that’s how I imagined it. Chuck described it as a cross between a poached egg and a soft boiled egg where the inside was still kinda goey and half cooked, topped with that truffle salt, I know I love me some salt of any kind, but this was the EXPENSIVE kind so I didn’t use too much. Was a new experience not sure if I would have the patience or skill to cook it to this standard but I definitely appreciated this technique and how the end result was.

Mokjah Food Blog - Chucks Table Mokjah Food Blog - Chucks Table 5Onto the MAIN COURSE and the reason we came lol Bon Appetit’s Best Meatloaf recipe which you can find here…/bas-best-beef-and-bacon-meatloaf So Chuck came across this meatloaf recipe that had been refined and decided to have a go cooking it himself, man was I glad. First of all that bacon weave at the top! EPIC MEAL TIME! lol the bacon was cooked to perfection, I could have sliced the top half and eaten it straight up like that, lol anyways, the meatloaf itself was super moist and juicy, and you could taste the cheese through it aswell. The meat was flavourful and you could taste the spices mixed in with it all, I was able to have a big slice of this and then some trimmings, he served it with a side sauce which was a bit tangy but added a nice change to the overall dish while eating it.

Mokjah Food Blog - Chucks Table7We wrapped up the meal with some buttermilk pancakes, sorry ate em too quick we didn’t get a snap of it haha although we did get one of the Whisky Sour with the round shaped ice ball in the center of the glass. An awesome way to finish up an amazing meal and experience at Chucks Table. For this event it was only 20,000w which included everything mentioned above, well worth the money, not only for the meal but for the experience up close with the chef himself, and gaining a bit of knowledge on the side. Keep an eye out for chucks table for further events and info!
He has an event going down this weekend called CHUCKPOTLE: Be sure to head on over and check him out, more details here on his facebook page and event page:
chuckpotle - mokjah food blog



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