Tucan – Jerk Chicken (Kyungridang) *** / $$

As per tradition, when I dont have other commitments on a Sunday evening after church, I’m out with friends looking for somewhere to eat, gathered a small group of people and ventured down to the Kyungridang area with a friend who lives close, he mentioned a Jerk Chicken/Orange Chicken place close by, so figured sure why not, I’ve never had it before and i’m always down for trying something new.

They have 2 options for sizes a full (23,000w) or a half (13,000w) and can choose between the Jerk Chicken or the Orange Chicken.

Mokjah Food Blog - Tucan Chicken3So since we had a nice lil group we decided to get a full chicken of each flavour and an extra half of the Jerk chicken, lol we are a nice lil group of HUNGRY PEOPLE haha. The chickens came out and man was it huge!!! accompanied with some potato chips, a large amount of it and the Jerk Chicken Sauce. The chicken was nice and moist, and flavorful you could taste the sweet and smoky spices in the mix, the sauces definitely made the chicken, we ended up getting about 3 or 4 refills of each.The orange chicken was okay, i’d definitely choose the Jerk over the Orange just based on taste and flavours. Between us it was a lot of chicken but we were able to demolish just about all of it along with the chips.

Mokjah Food Blog - Tucan Chicken2 One chicken could def feed 3-4 people depending on whose hungry, and a couple could most probably share a half chicken and be content, they have sides as well mango salad (10,000w) rice and peas (3,000w) and coleslaw (3,000w).  This place isn’t to large in size so definitely take small group of 4-6 people and get a couple halfies to fill your bellies.

Directions: Head over to Noksapyeong Station and head out exit 2, walk until you get to the staircase that takes you underground and come out on the right side, cross over towards Dojo and make a right up the hill. Tucan is on your left alongside all the other small restaurants on the corner.

Map: http://m.map.naver.com/map.nhn?lng=126.987396&lat=37.538582&pinType=site&dlevel=11


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