Maddux – Pizza (Itaewon) *** / $$

On my most recent adventure of meals after church a friend of mine recommended a pizza place a long the back streets of Itaewon, and man was I glad he took us there. We were about a group of 14 people so no small group, we arrived and were able to get seated, the place was just big enough for a group like ours and a few others scattered around. We ordered for everyone and just split the costs, but you can also buy individual slices if your in a smaller group ~

Mokjah Food Blog - Maddux Pizza4They have a few options on pizza, seeing as we had a large group we decided to the 2 Pepperonis one Spinach and Artichoke and One Margherita. We placed our orders in they gave us some bottled water for service (they don’t have free water lol) and we took our seats until our pizzas came out, because of the size they came out one by one but not too much time inbetween to wait for them. Enough to eat and be ready for the next pizza ~

Mokjah Food Blog - Maddux PizzaThe first pizza to arrive with an amazing smell right under our noses was the Spinach and Artichoke pizza, this smelled heavenly and was super thick, almost deep dish like. The flavors were super rich almost too rich, ALMOST being the key word. This pizza was probably my favourite of the 3, a little on the thicker side I think if the toppings were a bit thinner the ratio between filling and dough would have been perfect. Deliciousness none the less, def get this one if your a sauce lover and dont mind the creamy overload of it all.

Mokjah Food Blog - Maddux Pizza3Next up was this bad boy! The Margherita pizza which looks a lot like the Sicilian but just had smaller chunks of cheese through it and a lighter crust. A pretty thick tomato base but still kind of nice, a lighter pizza than the Artichoke and Spinach pizza. The basil gave it a nice touch and is a pretty tasty pizza all round.

Mokjah Food Blog - Maddux Pizza1Next up was the Pepperoni pizza, man these were some pretty beastly pizzas lol Anyways I love a pepperoni pizza that has A LOT of pepperonis on top, and as you can see this one was definitely filled right up with em, the pizza base on all the pizzas were good, not to thick or thin, the cheese was OH SO CHEESY lol only thing was the tomato base on them was a tad too much, but what do I know! lol anyways all round all 3 pizzas were delicious, one of the better pizza places I have been to in Seoul.

11051643_10155249154115251_1904896877_nAs you can see we had a lot of happy campers, and there was so much pizza left people took home single boxes of them. If your going with a big group it’s well worth it to get a whole pizza, cost wise and just because MORE is always better haha. Be sure to head over and check em out, you definitely won’t regret it.

How to get there: Head to Itaewon station and head out exit 4, do a quick U-Turn and head past the IBK bank and take your first right. Walk down that street until you past the wolfhound and take a left there if you keep walking you should see Maddux. If you have any questions give em a call on 02-792-2420,126.993122,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x357ca24a76e85851:0x90c97375ea7e3a07?hl=ko-KR



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