Little Baja – Seafood Tacos (Itaewon) *** / $

Finally got round to checking out Lil Baja – Seafood Tacos over the weekend, had some spare time before a meeting and decided to drop by and check em out. A nice small spot for a start up, a few tables and wall seats, we manage to get a table since it wasn’t too busy. Here’s what they had an offer

Mokjah Food Blog - Lil Baja2

A short simple selection of Shrimp, Fish and Octopus Tacos. First time i’ve heard of octopus tacos that’s for sure, not really a fan though so stuck with the fish which I ordered 2 of and one shrimp taco. I also ordered the Horchata aswell to drink before getting our meal. Mokjah Food Blog - Lil Baja1

The Horchata was good, had a smooth texture to it, a little grainy but not too bad, the cinnamon taste was there but I could have used a little more, but that might just be down to preference more than anything else….would I order another one? yeah for sure! lol I love any kind of drink with cinnamon in it.

Mokjah Food Blog - Lil BajaAfter a short wait out came our tacos, man it looked really filling, a lot bigger than I had imagined it would be. Anyways so I dug into the shrimp taco first, the light batter around the shrimp was flavored nicely, light and crispy before munching through the cabbage. The sauces were nice, had a little kick to it but nothing over whelming. I really enjoyed the taste of the shrimp taco. The Fish Tacowasn’t my favorite, the batter around the fish was so-so and not as crispy, I would probably go back for the shrimp ones that’s for sure. If your a fan of Octopus by all means try it out! Just me personally i’m not a big fan of octopus anything lol.

Anyways a nice lil spot for some seafood tacos, they had a pop up a few weekends ago so be dope to see some more of that stuff happen, head on over and be sure to check em out ~

How to get there: Go to Itaewon Station and head out exit 4, go straight until you reach Dillengers bar and head down the stairs to the left. Once you reach the bottom take a right until you get to to CU then down the street opposite to the CU, Little Baja should be on your right. Any questions call em up on 010-4603-9911





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