Firebell – Burgers (Daechidong) *** / $$

Burgers and fries with a bunch of men of God, for sure. Friday night last week I met up with some of the bruhz from church to grab some food and have a jam on the PS4, NBA2k lol it was a long time coming but was good to chill out and catch up with everyone. I had been wanting to check out Firebell in Daechi for a while now so decided to lead the group there to check out these burgers I kept hearing about.

Mokjah Food blog - Firebell

Down one of the side streets in Daechi this place was pretty easy to find and stood out from the other shops along the street. It was empty when we went, so we didn’t have to wait for seating, we sat down and took a look over the menu.

Mokjah Food blog - Firebell4

As you can see they have a variety of burgers, and I would have loved to try them all I couldn’t lol. Me and one of the other boys decided to get the Dr Leo and the other two went with the Rookie, straight up cheeseburger. I added the fries and drink to my order for 4,000w and changed my dr pepper to a dr pepper float! Had to!

Mokjah Food blog - Firebell1My order came out, the Dr Leo a side of wedgers, some pickles and my Dr Pepper float. First off the burger was a decent size, it looked smaller than I imagined but after finishing it, I was actually pretty full. I packed my burger with mayo lol love me some mayo, and dug into it. The first bite was delicious, although the meat could have done with some more seasoning IMO it had a nice lil crust to it, and was a well rounded burger imo. Everything worked well, the wedges were really good too, they were battered or something. Overall I enjoyed my burger, tasty simple and delicious, I wanna try one of the other burgers next time.Mokjah Food blog - Firebell2

The Rookie, the standard cheeseburger, after asking for some feedback, same thing as my burger, could have used some more seasoning, or possibly more fat in the actual meat, next time will have to ask what their meat to fat ratio is. Everyone enjoyed the wedges on the side, but left kinda still hungry, I would say more so because these guys can EAT ALOT lol so pretty standard haha.

Mokjah Food blog - Firebell3

Dr Pepper float I ordered, they give you the rest to so you can restock once you’ve had a little. Overall experience of the place is good, I would definitely head back here for another burger, but maybe if i’m really hungry just add a meat patty lol. Head on over to Firebell if your in the mood for burgers and don’t mind heading out of itaewon or gangnam, it really isn’t that much further

How to get there: head to Seoulleung station and go out exit 2 and follow the map below



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